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The reasons for Judas in betrayal of his Lord

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  • John
    Dear All, Judas case study that involves his genetics and environmental study is to be probed with meticulous details. If my father s source of knowledge
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2013
      Dear All,

      Judas' case study that involves his genetics and environmental study is to be probed with meticulous details. If my father's source of knowledge about Judas is authentic, he killed his father due to incest problem and went away or went hiding for number of years and surfaced to join with Jesus, the miracle worker, so that he could escape from the authorities. As the ruling hierarchy had immoral traffic with Judith, his sister( ?), he was later influenced by them and hired in betraying his Rabbi.

      St.Peter said that Jesus was the Son of the living God, Mt.16. Jesus promised, not given, instantaneously the key to the kingdom of God to the eldest disciple and sounding as him the rock upon which He would build His church. Thinking that he already was the heir-apparent to His kingdom, he chastised Jesus privately and the immediate reaction of the Lord was `get behind me, Satan'. In Mt.17 the Zebedee sons and st.Peter who were taken to be imparted with and experienced the transfiguration on mount Tabor, where the Lord taught them that in Heaven there is no rivalry for positions, as St.Peter offered to build 3 booths, one for Moses, one for Elijah and the 3rd one for Jesus and for 3 disciples. They were also told them not to tell the incident till His death, seemingly implied that they were specially favoured ones, as in other similar situations also.

      Though they were coveting for the earthly positions till then, Mk.9, the Tabor ecstasy impelled them to demand the highest status in Heaven, Mt.18:1. The Saviour thrashed the uneducated fishermen and the tax collectors for their overweening ambitions by parables of severe nature. He again promised the key and 12 thrones to all of them together, 18:18, and the last parable of the chapter is a painful rebuke. The Zebedee brothers and their mother came and begged again for the Heavenly positions, Mk.10. This bargain continued till the last supper, Lk.22.

      Judas who was in charge of the finance portfolio should have been the first key holder of Heaven due to his responsible position, according to his likely justifications, whereas the other trio was seemingly given prominence in consulting the plans of Jesus who gave fire for the 3 to accompany on important places. These situations would have whetted his intrigue of betraying the Guru. The promise of the key was just incidental to St.Peter's testimony, not with any malevolent intentions by the Lord, but it tilted violently and ferociously His mission.

      Similar situations are the fiery episodes happening in families, religions and secular/political arena of triggering conflagration of fire of vengeance and problems. Suspicion of getting others the priority roles in the family and everywhere else is the thorny problem in this modern global, open society that exhibits mere individualism as the primary goal of life.

      "Fear is the root cause of all human evil", Bertrand Russel. The fear of loosing positions and money/wealth precipitate all our minor issues to the Himalayan proportion. The knowledge of our genetics and our family environmental factors which help for introspection and improvement are the most important factors that we have to take into account before we embark upon in taking up any public, social, religious or political duties and roles. Private practice before public service should be our goal. Jesus gave the key to the kingdom of Heaven only after His resurrection, Jn.20, and made into force only after the day of Pentecost. It was a much ado about nothing warfare that they started since the promise of the key. When they were able to do miracles for Jesus, they wanted to grab the celestial kingdom by force, the reasons for the rise and fall of the apostles, particularly for St.Peter and Judas by their denial and betrayal. Unless the genetic road map is not good, better not to whet for higher ambitions that will backlash detrimentally. Self-realisation that makes spiritual progress is a gift of God.

      Today's everyday tragedy lingers on these two factors of genetics with all congenital and environmental factors. In all social and religious and political services there is no check and balance before selecting people for such vocations. The track records of the families that cultivate religious values and practicing will have to be looked into carefully whether one is suitable for serving the LORD in all adverse and suffering back grounds, is the key for selecting people for any vocation, not by inducting by many superficial polish standards. The post-Augen Bava period that witnessed irregularities of multiple kinds testify the degeneration of faith and values in our church. The faith confessed by St.PETER was sanguine, but the frill attached to it was explosive in many ways.

      The flame of chaste faith should kindle the lamp, church, of the 5 wise virgins. The apostles who started with faith ended up with the flesh is the tragedy always, as animal magnetism play important roles everywhere. But the loving God accepts our weaknesses, not the cutthroat betrayal of Judas, despite given with strong warnings from the Lord. The modern urgent necessity of the church is to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord, instead of glorifying on some progress in real estate spirituality which is insignificant when comparing with some churches mushroomed yesterday, before the world is consumed and melting away the elements of the earth only by a nuclear war, 2.Pet.3: 10-13, which apparently is imminent.

      Jesus loved them all, but the misunderstandings kindled the fire of vengeance that cost the head of the Son of God. But He had to play hide and seek play, on account of the Devil who wanted to find out His identity and goal.

      I have discussed the stumbling blocks of the apostles in details in my books.

      E.S.John, Australia
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