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The Creator and the Created order, part-51

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  • John
    Part-51 Freedom to choose our destiny, which writes the fate of an individual, is a lingering question as old as life itself. If we put our trust in
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      Freedom to choose our destiny, which writes the fate of an individual, is a lingering question as old as life itself. If we put our trust in predestination, then we are challenging the justice and mercy system of God. We say that the hereditary, genetic code, and environmental factors play in moulding the character of a person, we can similarly conclude that free will and genetics are both important in shaping one's character that make one's destiny. As God only knows one's genetic road map with its ups and downs, He has the pre-knowledge, not predestination, but that can be altered by one's free will. "Great men are born, not made'', like John the Baptist and Jeremiah, "as the parents were righteous before God, Lk.1: 6, walking in the commandments and the ordinances of the Lord", but not prophet Samuel's children, as they met with untimely death, being influenced by the environmental factors. Accusing God has no meaning because of the genetics that transmit the character traits are determined by the parents' lives, Exo.34:5-9, also of the parental duty of chaste bringing up.
      "Where is who has been born king of the Jews. For we have seen his star in the East, and have come to worship him", Mt.2: 2. `His star' seemingly meant that He was born under the stamp or the influence of a special or peculiar star. This word star included, for the Hebrew, all the Heavenly bodies except the sun and the moon, as in the case of Joseph's dream that depict that the sun, moon and 11 stars worshiped him. Can we attribute that Jesus had a special star when He was born as the Son of man. The day star is given as the sign of Christ's coming and illuminates our spirits, so also morning star attributed which precedes is given as a designation meaning Christ bringing the day of gospel light, Rev.2.28. But portraying of Lucifer as `Day star, son of Dawn' of timelessness, Isa.14: 12, is on a different connotation.

      God said to Abraham, …"I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven and as the sand which is on the sea shore", Gen.22: 17. Read another that pertains to the end of the world. "Gog and Magog, to gather for battle; their number is like the sand of the sea", Rev.20: 8. Gog was Shemiah's son, Chro.5: 4, and magog, the son of Japheth's, Gen.10: 2 and Eze. 38&39, and their descendants are not favoured by God. Gog and Magog's descendants, like the maggots of the earth may come and infect Jews at the city of God and other repentant people in the 4 corners of the world at the end of days. Only then we realize the contexts in question what happens at the end of time, the depth of the matter. Two nations are born in Abraham, one as the stars in the heavens and the other as sands on the shoreless oceans of the mundane earth.

      Basing on the theory of Clement of Alexandria on hiring laborers for the vineyard, Mt.20: 1-16, the next parts are mere theoretical conjectures that are left to the readers' judgement. He concedes that the souls who did take a neutral role in the war between God and Lucifer in timelessness, is tested by hiring the souls in created men and their affinity by giving them a chance once again by the bond, Col.2: 14-15, so that they are also given an opportunity once again for their redemptive process. Hence those who were close to the side of God got the priority of taking their birth through the God-loving parents during the natural life of sufferings, and those are aligned closely to Satan supporters accepted late or before because some parents were against in nurturing and caring the lawless and unruly ones. In other words, `like mother, like daughter' formula, Eze.16: 44, that pertain generally to the God-fearing time. It means that God-fearing parents received better souls, according to natural justice and the Godless and irrational ones particularly of the Darwinian age received only the so far unwanted ones, justifying the Pauline letter 2.Tim.3: 1-9. But the owner of the vineyard hasn't discriminated them at the time of giving their wage. If the latecomers try to strive hard to seek and find the lost 100th sheep, Mt.18: 10-14, they can also rejoice over it and become `last will be first, and the first last', Mt.20: 16. An unbiased and impartial God gives equal opportunities to the good and bad of all seasons and time.
      The magi `rejoiced by seeing His star' may prove that `the lights in the firmaments of the heavens to separate the day from the night; and let them for signs and seasons', Gen1: 14, and likely to prove that each soul coming down with the sign of a star of an `idle soul of timelessness' bear the reflections of that particular star. A throng of countless good people seemingly is the stars for Abraham's plane of Paradise and another hordes of gogs and magogs are the apparent sands on the earthly seashore, perhaps destined to be for the eternal lake of fire. One group of souls, thus tested on the earthly fiery sufferings is stars for the upper and infinite planes, Mt.13: 43; 8: 11-12, and another multitude of sand dunes for the infernal dark planes. Man is an island and the sum total of the universe, terrestrial and celestial, in miniature form; he is prone to be affected by every fluctuation of the universe that make ripples and he also create tides of waves by his thoughts, words and actions which tell upon others and the universe, the probable reason for Shakespeare to put it, `man pollute this planet'. God created life for man by breathing into Adam's nostrils and entrusted him and his sons after the fall to become as procreators, agents of the Almighty, in choosing the neutral souls that have been waiting to take birth in accordance with their desert, doings and misdoings.

      God breathed into Adam and Eve, His handcrafts, but not into Cain and Abel and Seth and their descendants, conveying the truth that procreation is the process of adopting the neutral or mediocre souls who didn't take any roles in the war of antiquity, into them the life of the procreators flow till the end of time. As the Son of God pre-existed, the souls of Adam's children also seemingly existed in timelessness is a fact. Just like the Word became Incarnate by the word of Gabriel, God's immanent power in man become the procreator of the pre-existing soul. The baptismal ritual makes the newborn as a member of God's people, making the truth as solid and cemented that he become pure by baptism. Once after received the sacrament of baptism, celebrating one's birthday is like the pig eating its own vomit, as the cleansed man by baptism is reminiscing the impure man at the time of birth become mere anachronistic. As satire, retort, etc is the language of changing certain attitudes in life, I write with an authority of rebuke and reprimand should not be taken as my pride or arrogance is my request, because I admit wholeheartedly that I am a bundle of ignorance and flaws. "Lift up your eyes and see; who created these? (stars). He who brings out their host by number, calling them all by name…not one missing", Isa.40: 26. If these stars are the mediocre souls who wait to take birth in human beings, the time of His coming and gathering the faithful is on an appointed time, Dan.11: 27, when all the waiting souls finish their birth.

      This conclusion is only an exegetical observations because man primarily appears to be simple, but secondarily a microcosm of the macrocosm, in the likeness and image of God, as incomprehensible because the Creator who is indefinable, inexplicable and unapproachable, 1.Tim.6: 15-16, because St.Paul became blind all of a sudden by the luminosity of His light, Acts.22: 11-18. But His lubricant light dawn in us to brighten by the fire of baptism by the laying of the hands of Ananiases, God's anointed ones.

      Will be continued in part-52
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