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  • john_jacob_email
    ... Dear Dr. Bindu Scaria, Thank you for your sincere message which had clear indications of a purified mind. It is clear that your pursuit of truth is more
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 20, 2013
      --- In MalankaraOrthodoxSyrianChristian@yahoogroups.com, "bindusirs" <bindusirs@...> wrote:
      > Words and Thoughts Pleasing to God
      > Psalm 19:14 speaks of the words of my mouth and the meditation of > my heart being pleasing to God. It seems that he hears everything > I say and he knows every thought. That can be embarrassing. I know > how many times I have gotten caught up with friendly chatter and
      > unthinkingly joined in gossip. My thought life can be even less
      > god-like. I indulge in thoughts that are not kind and that,
      > although they remain unspoken, are sinful just the same.

      Dear Dr. Bindu Scaria,

      Thank you for your sincere message which had clear indications of a purified mind. It is clear that your pursuit of truth is more genuine than many others, and hence, you showed the courage to step out of line and admit to your short-comings. Of course there is none but God who is perfect, but still - only the Humble can hope to attain the Kingdom of Heaven. As such, I consider it a privilege to be acquainted with you and, should you find the time and inclination, I will be happy to connect with you in brotherly love in Christ.

      Insofar as concern for fellow brethren are concerned, Cain's response to God is not an option for a Christian. Rather, Christ's teachings about the Kingdom of Heaven by putting a child in the midst of His disciples is the right way forward in today's society. For, the Child is indeed father of the Man! Unless he is headed to hell, of course! In the Kingdom of God, the weak, persecuted and the meek are Blessed, while the boisterous, dominating and boastful are "known from afar" by the Lord.

      The Holy Spirit is always gentle and soft (while direct) in its approach, patiently bringing people and communities together in love and forbearance. And, make no mistake, the Holy Spirit is working gently within us and, depending on how tuned we are, we are being transformed each passing day.

      As regards your other points regarding gossip, etc. is concerned, I would like to say that an association with Gossip-teams (and/or stalking teams) is akin to going to a Garbage Dumping Ground - it can only make a person filthy in heart and mind. Anyway, according to Maslow's Needs Hierarchy Theory, social and esteem needs are lower needs as compared to Self-actualization Need which is at the highest level. And I am sure you will agree that seeking the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness is at the self-actualization level. Thus the question before us is - how do we strike a balance insofar as fulfilling the various needs are concerned so that we are on the right track towards the Kingdom of Heaven? In other words, it is a question of priorities and balancing them appropriately to attain our ultimate goals. Reading Psalms Chapter 1 may be more helpful as well.

      Last, but not the least, as Christians we have a duty to the society at large as well (a two-way relationship). One of the drawbacks in our country today is that, for a nation of 1.25 billion people, there are very few platforms for healthy discussions and debates available for the common man. As such, I am of the view that the scope of this Group must be expanded to include current affairs per se as well.

      Let me close by stating - issue-based criticism with a bonafide intent is good and necessary; character assassinations and personal attacks are bad and harmful. I am sure that we Keralites will understand this better over time.

      Yours in Christ!

      John Jacob
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