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The Creator and the created order- part -47

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  • John
    Part 47 In part û46 we have seen that the achievements and advancements we have made in science and hyper-tech domains are nothing but delusions and mirages
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2013
      Part 47

      In part –46 we have seen that the achievements and advancements we have made in science and hyper-tech domains are nothing but delusions and mirages that helped to develop nuclear energy which is ready to consume us at any time from now on, the reason for tormenting Prometheus who stole the Creator's fire from Heaven and gave it to humans, whereas man was allowed to use the energy of fire for his own daily use for him and for his brethren in tune with the Eden Commandment. I am not dealing with dogmas, doctrines and canons of the church, but only a frail and unheard and ignorant phonetics that give alarm for His 2nd coming. Let us move on now to another territory to which I started previously.

      In my teenage and later I used to argue with my extended family members, mainly retired teachers who still continued to be Sunday school teachers, about astrology and horoscope that are seemingly diametrically opposite to the doctrines of Christian fundamentals. Their conclusion was that I couldn't comprehend these mysteries, which only the maturity of age would reveal. Is.44, 25 says' …who frustrates the omens of liars, and fools of diviners; who turns wise men back; and makes their knowledge'. When we finds the contextual meaning of this and similar verses, God reminds them that they totally reject the 1st commandment and do against Him the 2nd commandment not to do idolatry. But that was in relation to the 2nd commandment by violating the 1st and making idol worship that reject the Creator who made everything for our knowledge and use. I still continued my viewpoint and argued with my friends, but simultaneously learnt the experiences of my friends and from others, comparing with my own lifecycle, in arriving to a religious and convincing conclusion. They used to say that there are different phases in life that make one to taste the bitter and sweet realities, teaching the human animal to grasp the aim of life that God had destined him for, in tune with his genetic geography. By the time we comprehend a tip of the iceberg of our role or destiny of our life, it will be ebbed away into the mist of the unknown. `Ripeness is all', says Shakespeare, as in the case of our two declared saints' lifestyle who went to the other side of the veil earlier when they were ripe. If this is about the genetic genius and great leaders, as bishop Fulton Sheen says, the extremely good and bad people will have a short life because either good people will die or become martyrs early due to their ripeness and the bad perish themselves either by suicide or at the hand of others or judiciary due to the animality and criminality.

      I listened to the science of astrology and finally some years ago I bought a small calendar of that year that is missing now for reference and information for getting an outline, hence there could be some error in numerical facts. According to our Malayam calendar, similar is the other calendars, there are 27 stars that control our life track. Those who are born under the influence of a certain star will have to go through certain phases in our lifecycle that the each last for certain years and harness the life in unison with the characteristics of the phase, `dhasa. For example, `Shukran' and `Sani' dhasas have about 21 and about 19 years of duration, the former generally is one's glorious period and the latter carries the `poisoned chalice' for one to drink, so also similar effects for other dhasas. One who lives a full life will have to suffer a life of mental or physical miseries of varying type. They are true in many of the cases that I observed generally. Every one seems to have a star influence, Gen.1, 14, at his birth, the seeming reason for the star that guided the magi to witness the lodestar at Bethlehem. We may have to conclude that genetics play an important role, which we may usually qualify as `Janma gunam', congenital problems.

      Together with his congenital problems any birth associate with other influences of an animal, and a tree, proving that man is an amalgam of all the characteristics natures of cosmic- together with the Spirit of God, Is.57, 15-16, natural and animal participation. The Divine, together with the Cosmic is from above, natural is from Nature and animal from the influence of animal symbol at that point of time. This amalgam ratio apparently is influenced and guided by the time the couple's state of mind, good or bad, the reason for selecting the auspicious time with fasting and prayer for sexual union by some tribes. I haven't read or studied these in details, but are my observations in tune with the 3 major divisions as mentioned before. Together with come 3 types of people in different categories in nature for each star, may be depending on time and mental and physical conditions at the time of birth; Godly, of `asuran' and `manushya', manhood. The Godly are temperamentally and attitude wise humble and religious, `asura' is of belligerent, fighting, type and `minushya' is of ordinary people of earthly thinking, but intelligence, feeling, temperament and the like are common and in varying degrees in all these categories in line with the genetic traits. Sex is another potential propensity at the time of birth, for there are women of masculine strength and determination and men of weakling nature. So one person is imbibed with the spirits of divine, sex predominance, animal and bird propensity and natural affinity, a very complex and unpredictable mix that no human being can remote control or bridle, except by the Omniscient God who mixed this ratio in the beginning, not disregarding the environmental influences that affect one's bringing up. Just see how the horoscope of Kallasseril Bava who was born as a devan, a demi-god, came true. `He who is born to be hanged cannot be drowned'- proverb-, but can be altered by one's own will power. This is the role of the one last sheep of the parable of 100 sheep.

      Imageries of 4 animals and birds run the prophesies of Daniel's in its accomplishment by the end of time. Every empire out of 4 has an animal to represent. `And from the midst of it came the likeness of living creatures…', such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of God, Eze.1-28'. Please read the rest. These 4 living creatures have human face, animal likeness of lion, ox and each of them have 4 wings. Why should have these sorts of spectacles under the throne of the Almighty. `And round the throne, each side of are 4 living creatures….the first living creature a lion, 2nd oxen, the 3rd creature with the face of a man , and the 4th one a flying eagle. And the 4 living creatures, each of them with 6 wings, are full of eyes all around and within, and day and night they never cease to sing', Rev.4, 3-11. The Lamb in reference to this is the sacrificial Lamb is Jesus, so also the devil takes the same appearance with 2 horns at its head, Rev.13, 11. When the LAAMB OPENED THE FIST SEAL, WE SEE A WHITE HORSE UPON WHICH JESUS IS SEATED, Rev.6. The next horse is a red, then a dark and so on.
      What is the necessity of the portrayal of God's kingdom with all these animal personifications, similar was the statue that the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar saw about 7 fat cow and 7 years after 7 lean cow.

      The Indian portrayal of swans, lotus flower, `kalpaka vrishm', ambriosini-amirth'- that go in parallel with biblical Tree of Life, living waters and birds, Rev. 22; Eze.47 also recall the divine reality of cosmic heights. This proves that heavens are of different planes that have animals, birds and plants, and Eden was a duplicate copy of the heavenly planes, Heb, 8, 5; 9,23. Man is a product of all such deliberate outcomes that bear the image and likeness of God. `Judah is a lion's whelp; ..the sceptre shall not depart from Judah….teeth white with milk', Gen.49, 9-12. In this passage of Jacob's blessing there are allusions of Jesus and the Jewish sceptre and the church, ass and the colt, that serves wine and blood-blood of grapes- and many other mysteries. The Saviour took his birth in the tribe of Judah, lion's tribe where King David was His ancestor, representing a lion, king of all animals, meaning Jesus' birth as the King of kings. All such delineations clearly attest that man has the direct or indirect influence of carnivorous nature of animal and bird after Eden's disgraced fall. Before the fall, if Eve had any fear of the serpent that came as Satan, she would have taken a fright flight away from its presence. Only after the fall man animals developed the sense of fear. Hence the presence of animal nature in man is held valid and authentic.

      I don't like to make the message lengthier, consequently more details in part 48.

      E.s.John, Australia
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