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5467“Easter Special” 10 Page edition of Gregorian (April 07 Issue)

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  • sujith sam abraham
    Mar 31, 2007
      Hello dear people of God,

      Jesus died on the Cross for our salvation. He was persecuted for our
      redemption. He rose again to defeat death and conquer the power of darkness
      forever. We celebrate His Resurrection through this 'Special 10 page'
      edition of GREGORIAN! It is our desire for you to know Him personally and
      each month, we strive to bring the best to you. May you be blessed and
      encouraged to walk with Him as you read these articles from all across the
      globe! Happy Easter!!

      Here is the link for the latest EASTER SPECIAL 10 page Issue of GREGORIAN
      (April 07 Issue)...
      (please allow the page to load)

      If any of these articles touched your heart, do write to us at


      Sujith Sam Abraham,

      New Mumbai, India.

      You can visit our online archives here...

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