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Re: EBT was Re: [MaineTwoFooters] LCL shipments on the SR&RL

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  • Phil Bourguignon
    Thats good news lee. Keep us informed. Phil
    Message 1 of 6 , May 19, 2013
      Thats good news lee.  Keep us informed.


      On May 19, 2013, at 7:57 PM, LeeRainey@... wrote:


      If everyone will excuse an off-topic post, I will reply that there is encouraging news. Matters are not sorted out yet, but I believe there is an excellent chance the narrow gauge may operate in 2014.

      Lee Rainey

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      Hey Lee,
        Any encouraging news on the EBT?


      On May 18, 2013, at 9:07 PM, LeeRainey@... wrote:

      Moody shows a photo of a mixed train near the last days of operation, pulled by #24, as I recall, which he describes as "including a box car for way freight."

      Lee Rainey

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      Subject: [MaineTwoFooters] LCL shipments on the SR&RL

      It seems that nearly every principal "town" on the Sandy River had both a passenger depot and a freight depot.  Some were combined (Phillips) with some separate (Strong).
      Questions:  What kind of cars were used for the LCL shipments from the freight depots?  I don't recall seeing a photo of a boxcar parked on a siding near a freight depot.  Does that infer that passenger cars were used to transport LCL traffic, perhaps with loading done via a baggage cart when the train arrived?  I assume railcars were treated in a similar fashion?
      Gerry Cole
      On2 in Colorado   

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