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Motorized chasis

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  • Phil
    Hey All, Happy New Year! Here s something new that I found on ebay
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2009
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      Hey All,
        Happy New Year!
      ItÂ’s a 2 truck motorized chassis.  This could have some interesting applications for what we do.  If you scroll down on the page I sent there are 2 short videos showing this thing in action.  Also there's a link for the other motorized chassis that they sell.  I've used a couple of these and they are very nice.  My edaville diesel uses the 2 truck and the Strasburg diesel uses the 2 axle type.  You can see my pictures in the train shed photos folder.
      Have a great 2009.
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      Thanks to everyone for your help. I know I will have many more questions in
      the future. Please be patient as I get over this learning curve.
      What's an email from me without a question? Are there any HOn30 modular
      clubs in the southeastern Pa. area?
      Thanks again,

      Red Lion, Pa.
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