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4821The MaineOn2 FAQ blog is a year old

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  • terry2foot
    Mar 30, 2014
      The blog style MaineOn2FAQ’s is officially a year old today.
      We hope that our regular visitors have enjoyed the first year, as we have grown from the 36 posts available a year ago to the 110+ currently available.
      While the blog title and most of the current postings focus on modelling, some prototype information has also been published and much of the content in our current backlog awaiting checking, editing and publishing is prototype based. The reason why the blog is called “the MaineOn2 FAQ’s” is historical and explained in the page https://maineon2faq.wordpress.com/about-these-faqs/
      Keep visiting or sign up as a follower, there is still a lot more to come.
      If you have not yet visited, then you might be surprised by what is published on the site. I would quote from an off-board message received a couple of months ago from a well known member who also runs some other groups as well as having a busy life (don’t we all?) and who had finally visited the new FAQ’s;-“I have seen the notes referring to the FAQ many times but just figured it was a standard Yahoo Groups list FAQ not what it in fact is. Maybe you could broach the subject with those involved to either modify the postings to the groups to differentiate it from the standard yahoo type FAQs of for instance…1 & 15 of each month list members can offer personal items for sale, etc. I am sure if I misunderstood the purpose of it, there has to be some others out there doing the same. “
      This off-board message did lead to an interesting discussion between the “Friends of the FAQ’s” which was neatly summarized by the old aphorism “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.
      After much discussion, we decided that the best description of what we are attempting to do with the new blog style FAQ’s is “to produce/publish an internet based resource for the Maine On2 modeller (and Maine Two Foot enthusiast) that tries to address the common questions, problems and solutions which would otherwise be buried deep within the various Yahoo! Groups, and to make these freely available.”
      Perhaps a measure of how successful we have been so far is that leading members of the modelling group are already referring to these FAQ’s as being “the archive of the group”.
      Why not visit and make your own mind up? 
      Terry, Matt & Trevor