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4814Empire Vacuum Brake System Book

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  • terry2foot
    Jan 12, 2014

      Two weeks ago I found a new (to me) book on the Empire Vacuum brake as fitted to the B&B Rolling stock. It's a reproduction of the original 1880 catalog, ISBN 9781166398927. I ordered it last week and it arrived yesterday morning. It's only 8 pages long, but that's all it needs to be as it shows all the parts of the system;- cylinders, ejectors and even connectors glad/hands. Only issue is that the diagram that shows the placement of the cylinder has not been scanned properly. Interesting thing is that it's a double ended cylinder with two pull rods.


      I've been playing around trying to find a better diagram and have come across the original US patent which shows truck brake rigging very similar to that used by the B&SR on their freight cars.


      What I found interesting is that the Empire patent was granted on 11th August 1874 for the system as described in the catalog, whereas the original patent for the Eames system (which we say was fitted to all the other Maine Two Footers) was granted on the 4th August 1874 for a system which looks remarkably like a British 4 wheel wagon with a huge vertically mounted cylinder under the floor and with the vacuum "producing" system being linked to the over-running of the locomotive with no steam (ie like engine braking in a car) and it's linkage to the trucks is connected just like the Bridgton.