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4807Info from a H.K.Porter catalog

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  • locoartist42
    Dec 11, 2013
      Hi All,
        I was reading through a copy (reproduction) of a Porter Catalog pre 1900. The Sandy River RR is mentioned on Page 104. It is a testimonial on one of their locomotives.
      Cylinders 9 x 12, Page in catalog showing the type of locomotive 36, Gauge 24 inch, Weight of rail 25, Length of road 18 miles, grade 220 feet per mile, Radius of sharpest curves229 feet,Number of cars hauled at one time 8, Weight of each car in pounds 8,000Load on each car in pounds empty, weight of train 32 tons.
        Sometimes hauls 9 cars. Cars carry 5 tons. usual speed 15 miler per hour. 200 foot grade is 1/4 mile long: loaded trains go up easier grades. 72 miles and 7/8 cord wood fuel daily.

      Page 36 states,
      Cylinders 9 x 14
      Diameter of driving wheels 33 to 36 inch
      Diameter of driving wheels 18 to 20 inch
      Rigid wheel base 4 foot 6 inches
      Length overall including pilot26 foot 7 inches
      Extreme height above rail 9 foot 11 inches
      Weight in working order30,000 lb.
      Weight on driving wheels 18,000 lb.
      Weight on 4 wheel truck 12,000 lb.
      Water capacity of tank 400 gallons
      Weight per yard of lightest steel rail advised 25 lb.

      Hauling capacity on a level, in tons of 2,000 lb. 450 tons.

      Note the 9x14 and 10 by 14 cylinders are placed slightly inclined.

      So the porter looks like it was a standard Porter locomotive.
               Thanks Barry
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