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4802On2 Locomotives and kits for Sale

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  • Gerry Cole
    Oct 30, 2013
      The recent floods in Colorado hit us very hard here in in Boulder County.  We lost the bottom half of our home, which happened to be the location of my collection of narrow gauge books and all my reference material.  We also lost all three of our cars to flood waters.  Rebuilding has been, and will continue to be very expensive.  Nobody in Colorado had flood insurance, nor home contents flood coverage.  We don't have floods like this here!  
      As a result of all this, I feel I must liquidate my remaining Maine On2 material.  It's important to do this rather quickly, as many of the wooden items  are showing the effects of five days of flood water (it was five days before we could return to our home).  The obvious choice is eBay, but I'd prefer private offers.  When I "converted" to On2 after the Maine NNGC in Portland, many of you group folks helped me get started.  I'd like to return the favor to someone else.
      I have a couple large (18" cube) boxes of Sandy River Car Shops wood kits for rolling stock and structures - especially the Strong area on the SR&RL.  Some Simpson kits, some Mt. Blue.  The wood is damp, useable if treated quickly, and metal parts are OK.  There are a dozen or more SR&RL Grant Line On2 trucks, lots of Portland Products brass castings, plus the following brass locomotives and rail cars:
      Car Works unpainted SR&RL 2-6-2 #23 Late - bad tarnish showing thru the clear lacquer 
      Custom Brass SR&RL 0-4-4T #6 with can motor, no cab detail
      Car Works factory painted SR&RL #78,. late, with red cab roof.  some discoloration at the bottom of the cab do to a rusty cab attachment screw.
      Car Works unpainted SR&RL railbus #4 with trailer
      Train and Trooper import, unpainted, SR&RL railbus #2
      Again, all these are in On2, not On30
      It's interesting that the #23 shows the most discolored lacquer finish of all the items, even though all were treated at the same time with CRC-26 Contact Cleaner after being brushed clean with a soft paintbrush and a toothbrush.  I've noticed the same differences in my other brass pieces.  There seems to be a great difference in the quality and durability of the "clear coated brass" finish applied by the manufacturer.  Screws heads rust the most, but most of the rust brushes off easily.  Wheels look fine, which surprised me.
      If you have interest in any of these, please make offers off-list at usairman737@....  naturally, I'd like to sell items as a group to make shipping easier - the flood also took all my cardboard boxes away!
      I have not lost interest in Maine 2-foot railroading, but with all my references, plans and so forth gone, it's time to stop pretending I'm building something in On2 or On30.
      Gerry Cole
      Longmont, CO, USA      
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