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134Birthday wishes to John Raven

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  • David Sylvester
    Jun 7, 2010
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      I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to my great great great
      grandfather John Raven.

      John Raven was born possibly in Scotland (parents unknown).

      NOTE: The exact date of John's birth is unknown but this seems like
      a good day to celebrate it.

      His wife was Annie _____ born possibly in Scotland (parents unknown).


      1. William Neal Raven born September 1826 in London, England, died
      1902 in Wade Plantation, Aroostook County, Maine. Married Hannah
      Jane Hanson of York County, New Brunswick, Canada daughter of
      Cornelius Hanson and Charlotte Morehouse (formerly thought to be
      Lottie Brower). Seven children. (my line)

      1-- John Raven (1803-1915) Annie
      2-- William Neal Raven (1826-1902) Hannah Jane Hanson (1826-1894)
      3-- Selena Irene Raven (1856-1943) Herbert Leslie Merry (1871-1935)
      4-- John Herbert Merry (1895-1993) Sadie Jane Dyer (1899-1973)
      5-- Living Merry (1924-) Living Sylvester (1917-)
      6-- David Wayne Sylvester (1951-) Living (1955-)
      7-- Living Sylvester (1991-)
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