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Questions for interviewing a relative

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  • susan d szewczyk
    Dear Fellow listmembers, I have come up with some questions I have used to interview my relatives to learn more about them. I thought maybe some of you may be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2001
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      Dear Fellow listmembers,

      I have come up with some questions I have used to interview my relatives
      to learn more about them.
      I thought maybe some of you may be interested. The best idea is to
      interview a relative with a cam corder.
      I did this last year with my great aunt, unfortunely the next day she
      died. I was so glad I had spoken to her.
      I learned alot about our family from her. So, if you have elderly
      relatives I would interview them as soon as you can
      I was lucky i did it just in time. These people have valuable information
      about themselves and other
      members of the family! So Tap into this resource as soon as you can!!
      Dont wait.

      Questions for a interview:

      1. What is your earliest memory?
      2. I'd like to know about your childhood. What is your happiest childhood
      3. What were you like as a child?
      4. What did you want to be when you grew up?
      5. What did you do for fun as a child?
      6. Tell me about your parents and siblings
      7. Do you remember any funny stories about your parents or siblings?
      8. What were you like as a teenager?
      9. Most teenagers do something outrageous or "naughty". What outrageous
      things did you do?
      10. Tell me about your school years. What did the schoolhouse/room look
      like? How did you get to school?
      11. Now I'd like you to tell me about your life's work.
      12. What did you do for a living?
      13. What did your work mean to you?
      14. Did you go to church?
      15. What part has religion played in your life?
      16. How did you meet your spouse? What attracted you to him or her?
      17. Tell me about your wedding day.
      18. Tell me about a fond memory of your grandparents.
      19. What was the best advice your parents ever gave you?
      20. What quality do you most admire in each of your children?
      21. What values have your tried to pass on to your children?
      22. What famous person from your era did you most admire? And why?
      23. you've had many happy days in your long life. Tell me about one of
      the happiest days of your life.
      24, Tell me about the hardest thing you ever faced.
      25. We all have regrets. What is your major regret?
      26. There is a lot to be learned in this life. What single event taught
      you an important lesson? What was the lesson?
      27. What is your greatest pet peeve?
      28. You have seen a lot changes. What do you wish had not changed?
      29. Who were your mentors? What did they teach you?
      30.What is your greatest accomplishment?
      31. Where would you love to travel to that you've never visited?
      32. What decade of your life did you most enjoy? Why?
      33. Tell me about your most memorable illness.
      34. What is your greatest passion in life?
      35. What is the best thing that ever happened in your life?
      36. We all have disappointments in our life. What was the biggest
      disappointment for you?
      37. You are ____ years old. What is the best part of being your age now?
      38. In addition to best parts, each age has its challenges. What is the
      hardest part of being your age now?
      39. What would you still like to accomplish?
      40. What important historical events do you remember and how did you feel
      about them?
      41. If you had your life to live over, what one thing would you do
      42. What is your most cherished material possession?
      43. What do you fear most?
      44. What would you consider a perfect day?
      45. What is your recipe for a happy, successful life?
      46. What do you want to be most remembered for?
      47. As we finish this interview what would you like us to remember for
      the rest of our lives?

      Susan Szewczyk

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