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History Book of Pictures and articles of the Town of Columbia, Maine

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  • Ronie
    This year 2006 is the 210 anniversary of the Town of Columbia, Maine. I am putting together a History Book of Pictures of the town. I am looking for real old
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2006
      This year 2006 is the 210 anniversary of the Town of Columbia, Maine.

      I am putting together a History Book of Pictures of the town. I am
      looking for real old pictures taken in the 1800's, early 1900's of
      the churches, grange halls, schools, homes, saw mills, shingle mills,
      grist mill, blacksmith shop, the Redman Hall, the Vestry, houses that
      are no longer here, bridges, even the ship yard at the branch, old
      barns, even some family pictures that could show what people looked
      like in the early part of the town history. Pictures of students at
      the different schools will use even up to 1965 for these when the
      last school closed.

      I would like pictures of any Columbia folks that graduated from the
      local High Schools, Harrington, Columbia Falls, and Addison and from
      any colleges.

      Pictures of the people who were in the service of all the wars, and
      any write up you have of your family member that I could use. On all
      of the pictures I would like to add a sentence or two about the
      picture, where it was taken, who is in it, and the year if known.

      The town includes the sections of the Saco area, Epping area,
      Schoodic area, Little River area, the Valley area, Turkey Hill area,
      Georgetown area, Web District area and the Four Corner area (Branch
      area)and Ridge area. Any and all parts of the town of Columbia will
      go into this.

      I am also looking for articles telling about the history of any
      important events of the town, to go into another history book. A big
      job but would like to get something done by late spring if only a
      little bit.

      I am also collecting any newspaper articles written about the town
      and obits of folks from the town. If you have a story about growing
      up or visiting in Columbia, Maine, I would enjoy adding them to this
      history as well.

      For instance I have received some: ancestor pictures of families,
      pictures of family collections such as a Tenney chair made in
      Columbia, Maine, Abijah W. Tabbutt stencil, picture of the Levi
      Leighton book, picture of canning jar collection, post card pictures
      of the area, people raking blueberries, picture of a picnic at
      Schoodic Lake, pictures of the Ice Storm of 1998, pictures of
      homesteads and animals they raised, a hand drawn map of Saco Village
      in 1940, the bean factory, the train station and many other
      interesting pictures.

      Will take information on Columbia Falls as well as it was original
      all of Columbia.

      The best way to make a copy and the cheapest - go to an UPS Store and
      have them color copied even if they are black and white or Staples.
      Put as many on a sheet of paper, if a lot an 11 X 17 sheet will hold
      quite a few.

      You can send copies of photos; if you want them return please make
      sure you have your return address on them: Ronie L. Strout, 267 Ridge
      Road, Addison, Maine 04606.
      My email Ronie_L@... has an underscore line between Ronie and
      L; or call me at 207-483-4374.
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