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907Vintage Photos

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  • Tamah
    Mar 5, 2002
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      Hi Folks,
      You don't "see" me much, I'm a lurker unless I have something worthwhile to
      donate. :-)
      I just started a photograph website on www.hpphoto.com called mytreehouse,
      so I can upload my old scanned photo's for all my family and fellow
      genealogists to see. Not only can the photo's be viewed, but you can also
      order prints even if you are just "visiting" the gallery. My family is very
      excited about this new project and I thought I'd share the idea with you
      all, just in case it hasn't been mentioned previously. It costs nothing to
      create the website and you can lock it with a password if you wish. You are
      welcome to visit my photo gallery if you'd like. There aren't alot of
      pictures on there yet, as I'm just getting started, but it will show you the
      basic idea. Take a look and enjoy. Thanks for all the information you all
      donate to the list. It is very helpful.

      Tammy Haley
      Family Tree Climber for the Doak's, Garrison's, Valley's, Chandlers,
      Gunnison's, Proctor's, Wallace's and many more "branches".