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789need help locating info on revolutionary ship "Yankee Hero"

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  • susan d szewczyk
    May 1, 2001
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      Hi Folks,

      I have found out my ancestor Isaac Ingersoll (who was born July 26, 1744
      in Gloucester, MA,
      married march 2, 1864 Susannah Small)(father was Joseph Ingersoll) was
      aboard the American Privateer ship
      "Yankee Hero". He was killed by by a six pound shot from the Milford
      (source from Descendants of Richard Ingersoll of Salem, MA page 34)

      "Captain James Tracey in the American Brig 'Yankee Hero' Chases and
      the British Frigate 'Milford', 7th June, 1776 Off Cape Ann, Captain James
      Tracey in the brig Yankee Hero with 12 guns and 26 men including
      This ship was bound for Newburyport, MA( source was from Cushing library
      in Texas that has a canvas portrait of the battle. But, wont send me a
      photo. I sent them a email. Requesting more info.
      they suggested looking for a book Samuel E. Morrison's maritime history
      of Massachusetts ? they werent sure of
      the title. Does any have this book or know where to locate one?

      The captain was taken prisoner. My question is where would I find a list
      the sailors "privateers" that were on this ship? Is there a list

      I have checked the Mass Rev soldiers and sailors book and he wasnt
      Does anyone know of a book that would have a photo of the ship?

      Other info I found was from the book "Library of Congress Naval Records
      of the American Revolution 1775-1778"
      printed 1906 page 333 , July 16, 1777 "Hero" Mass ship, guns 28, crew
      200, bond $10,000
      Master James Tracey; Bonders, James Tracey of Newburyport, Noah EMery of
      Exeter,Nh, Eliphalet Hale of Exeter, NH
      Owners were Jackson, Tracy & Tracey, Newbury,
      Witness Ebenezer Thompson, and John McClerg
      C.C. 196 Vol 7 page 48? not much help really...
      Any help apperciated.

      Sue Szewczyk

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