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767Deanis (Diners?) brick wall

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  • d_cyndilee@hotmail.com
    Feb 25, 2001
      Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me out. Unfortunately, my
      husbands last name has been all but impossible to research. I only
      know the names as far back as his great-grandfather and even that is
      supplied with no info. And through all the search engines and
      genealogy resources the only Deanis' I've come up with are in Alabama
      (colored,we're white), and in KY and NC (1850's). I've got no way to
      link these with what I have.
      I've found several in Scotland and England in the 1600's but really
      need to trace back from this end. I'm hoping someone can help. First
      I have Joseph Russell Deanis 1917-1961 he was the son of Joseph Romeo
      Deanis appx. 1884-1943 (no other info) he married Margaret Higgins in
      1917.though on the marriage certificate his last name was Diners. (A
      typo?) Joseph Romeo's father was "supposedly" Romeo Deanis. I have
      nothing on him just the supposed name, no spouse either. Any of the
      church records that may have helped were burned. It is said the
      Deanis's came down from Canada, though I'm not sure of any of this.
      If this name sounds familiar to anyone and they have any information
      to share with me it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank-you :) Cyndi