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679All call to arms to other Genealogist!! Need your help!

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  • susan d szewczyk
    Oct 11, 2000
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      Dear Fellow Researchers.

      First of all some of you may not think this is genealogy realted. But if
      you read on you may change your mind.
      If not please just use your delete key. Thank you.

      A situation has come to my attention. I live in Saratoga Springs, NY.
      However my folks live in
      Raymond Maine. My mother has notified me of the situation that is going
      on regarding the
      Western Cemetery on Munjoy Hill in Portland, Maine.

      For those of you who dont know anything about this cemetery it is one of
      the oldest cemeteries
      in the area. It is fenced in by a steel fence. Apparently some local dog
      owners have been letting
      there dogs run FREE! in this cemetery and are allowing them to desicreate
      this cemetery!!!

      I find this to be appalling!!!! Especially since I have a ancestor who is
      buried there. These people allow there
      dogs to run free and all over the cemetery and deficate where ever they
      I and my mother are going to write a letter to the Editor of the
      Portland PRess Herald (the Voices of the people section)
      and tell everyone of our OUTRAGE! If enough people keep writing maybe we
      will be able to
      get the town officials of the city of Portland to do something about

      There is a law enacted by Governor King that states that if any city
      cemetery has a veteran buried in there cemetery
      the town is respondsible for the upkeep of the cemetery. This law is LD
      873 this law went in to effect August 11th of this year. I have a copy if
      any is interested.

      Their is at least one civil war veteran in western cemetery his name is
      Alonzo Stinson he was a member of the 3rd Maine regiment. He was the
      first soldier from the city of portland to die at the battle of BullRun
      also known as the battle at Mannases,VA. His stone is in despertate need
      of care. If we can get enough people writing letters to the Town
      officials and CHief of Police Chitwood we may be able to get something
      done about this.

      Also, if you think you MAY have a ancestor buried in this cemetery I
      would suggest you get there as soon as possible if you plan on taking any
      photos of the stone, as it may not be there much longer! ( I have been
      told there are AT LEAST 200 dogs a day that are allowed to run free in
      this cemetery!)

      I dont know about you folks but I am enraged and appalled that my
      ancestors grave would be treated in such a way.
      It may get so that everyone will be afraid to be buried in a city
      cemetery if they know this may happen to there sacred ground. Just think
      of our forfathers would they allow this to happen to their cemeteries?

      Thanks for listening. Sorry to ramble on. But PLEASE get those posion
      pens going!
      And Yes I am not afraid to list my Name

      Susan Szewczyk

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