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592Maine Families in 1790 Project

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  • Janice Gower
    Dec 5, 1999

      Vol 7 is now half way to its goal of sketches for publishing. Those of you in the counties of Hancock and Lincoln should know that sketches from these counties would be especially welcome. This is a wonderful way to get your research published and out for all to see.

      For those not familiar with the project here is some information taken from the Maine Genealogical society Newsletter of December 1999.

      The goal of the Maine Families in 1790 series is to document all of the families living in Maine at the time of the 1790 census.

      Information to be included as far as possible:

      1. 1790 census information - as enumerated on the printed census including page and column number, number of people in the household, county and town.

      2. Head-of-Household - name, birth place/date, parents' names, death place/date, marriage place/date.

      3. Spouse(s) - name, birth place/date, parents' names, death place/date.

      4. Biographical information - Two or three sentences is requested. This might include occupation, places of residence, civil or military service, persons mentioned in probate records, and anything else of particular interest regarding the family.

      5. Children - dates/places of birth, death, and marriage, name of spouse(s), spouse's birth date/place, parents of spouse, spouse's death date/place.

      Every fact must be cited to the source where the information is found and primary sources should be sought wherever possible. Citations to primary sources should include the repository where the record was found, volume/page numbers, record numbers or file numbers as applicable. A manuscript or typescript source should state the repository where it is found and should be cited exactly as given in the card catalog including author, date, and page number. Published sources should include the author, the exact name of the book, date of publication, and page number. Please incluse photocopies of your sources with your submission.

      For more information, please write to the Editor. Submissions of families may be sent directly to the Editor. Receipt will be promplty acknowleded in writing.

      Joseph C. Anderson II, CG, Editor
      Maine Families in 1790
      53347 Del Roy Drive, Dallas, TX 75229

      Thank you listers. I hope it is ok to send this to the list.
      Janice Gower