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1346April update from www.earlyMaine.org

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  • rauvyon
    Apr 21, 2009
      Happy Spring all! First it was cold and snowy, now it's cold and wet... but in between there were a few good days around the mid-cost region, and fellow researchers took advantage.

      Since the beginning of March, visitors to http://gravestones.earlyMaine.org have added almost 300 new records to the Gravestone Photo Project. Every County is included in the project now, except for Knox. Where are all those Knox County Cemetery Folk???

      And, after a few months off for shovelling and drinking hot cocoa by the fire, work has started gearing up again on the University of Maine Yearbook Index project (www.earlyMaine.org) We now have more than 13,500 UMaine graduates indexed, with many more to come.

      I recently purchased a number of old letters that I'll be adding to the Letters Collection in the next few weeks as well. If you really want to get to know your relatives, I suggest looking for old letters to friends, families, and lovers. It's a great way to get to know what people were thinking about at a particular period in their life. And you might see a few familiar (or better yet, NEW) names to look for.

      Hope everyone survived the winter well and are able to get back out on the road (if you took a winter break like I did) and back into their research.

      - Brian