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1326Retracing my steps: Washburn - Maxim connection

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  • David Sylvester
    Jul 27, 2008
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      Retracing my steps: Washburn - Maxim connection -

      Hosea Washburn was born 19 November 1796 in Wayne, Kennebec County,
      Maine son of Hosea Washburn (likely Stephen 5, Ephraim 4, Joseph 3,
      John 2, John 1) and Hannah Doten (Doty) (Edward 4, Elisha 3, John
      2, Edward 1). He died 19 January 1883.

      Hannah Maxim was born 1801 in Norridgewock, Somerset County, Maine
      daughter of Andrew Maxim (Muxam) (John 3, Edmund 2, Samuel 1) and
      Rebecca Perkins (Gideon 6, Joshua 5, Josiah 4, Luke 3, Luke 2,
      Abraham 1). She died 8 November 1863.

      Married 1816.


      1. Justus Washburn born about 1817 and died August 1853. Married
      Joanna Ward. Married Sarah Pierce.

      2. Alden F Washburn born February 1820 in Madison, Somerset County,
      Maine, died 24 January 1888 in Madison. Married Judith L Jones
      daughter of Edward Jones and Fannie Lane.

      3. Martin Washburn born about 1818 and died 1821.

      4. Lovina Washburn married William Preble.

      5. Leonard Washburn born about 1832 and died before 26 June 1864.

      6. George Washburn born 1830 or 1831 and died 1897.

      7. Sarah Washburn.

      8. Rebecca P Washburn married Linton C Folsom.

      9. Allen Washburn died 10 April 1869. Married Ella Cleveland.

      10. Martha Washburn married Cephas Walker

      11. Daniel Washburn born about 1836 and died 17 October 1862.

      If you have anything to add, subtract, confirm or refute or if you
      have any connection with this family I'd like to hear from you.

      If you'd like to add this information to your database or share it
      with others feel free to do so and please cite the source. If you
      would like to publish this information in your web site, your own
      book, CD or other publication I would appreciate a note from you
      saying so. This data is not to be submitted to any person,
      organization or firm that in the business of collecting data to put
      on commercial CD's or commercial web sites for the purpose of
      selling it to their patrons.

      Best wishes,

      David Sylvester
      28 North Searsport Road
      Searsport, Maine 04974

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