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1280Matthew Duran of Durham, ME trying to find donna duren

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  • Susan Szewczyk
    Jul 11, 2007
      Dear listers,
      I am trying to track down Matthew Duran born in England died in Durham, ME July 1844 Rev War service.
      According to an email I received (which doesnt work anymore)
      Matthew came to America as a 12 yr old boy with a fleet of Capt James Wolfe-English Warship-(to fight in the french and Indian War to lay sige to Quebec City that took place in 1759. Wolfe died on the first day of battle on the Plains and Abraham and somehow young matthew go the boot off the ship. He came to America and the first record we can find for him was 1769 a land transaction. (from where?)
      Possiblability they were orginally french Hugenots.
      (notes from obit:) What newspaper???
      This information obtained from a Donna Duren in Durham,Me(1-2-1999)
      If anyone knows Donna could you please send her this email? I am trying to get a hold of her to see if she has anymore information.
      I am trying to prove his service to DAR and they are not accepting the fact that he has a rev war marker on his grave as proof of service.
      He also served in the Ancient Militia from Durham but that was in 1787 4 years to late for proof of Rev war service.
      Susan Szewczyk
      Mainefamilies listowner