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  • Susan Szewczyk
    Sep 4, 2004

      Dear Listers,


      Would anyone have a copy of the following books?


      A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England

      By John Farmer


      I need a copy of page 59 that lists the following person


      Chubbuck, Thomas, Hingham 1634 Jeremiah Chubbuck grad at H.C. 1725


      Vital Records of Weymouth, Norfolk, Co, MA to the end of the year 1849 Volume 2 page 47


      Chubbuck, Jeremiah of Hingham, and Mrs. Mary Goddard of Hingham, Oct 14 1725


      Vital records of Abington, Ma to the year 1850 Volume 2 Marriages and Deaths

      Page 47


      Listing for James and Sarah Stoddard in May 18, 1788 (Stoddard, m June 29, P.R. 47)


      I would happy to reimburse anyone for postage, their time and copying fees!



      Sue Szewczyk



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