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10521928, 1928 and 1958 school annuals

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  • MaineGenealogy@aol.com
    Jul 13, 2003
      Hi Guys and Gals.

      I came across an intersting piece of Maine history on ebay.  I bought 3 annuals.
      two are from the Bath area.  MORSE High School 1926 and Gorham Normal 1928.  These were owned by a lady named Agatha Lennox.

      I also have Bucksport High School 1958.  It was owned by a man named Frank Redman.

      I just wanted to them to the group.  If you think you might have an ancestor who may be in the books, just let me know and I will check.. If you do I will be glad to scan the images and send them to you.  The earlier annuals are very interesting...

      What a neat find.

      Just email me

      Doug Rogers