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1Hi all from listowner

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  • susansz@xxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    Sep 29, 1998
      I would like to welcome all the new subscribers to my list. I hope this
      list will be enjoyable and productive.
      I guess I'll start off with my surnames that I am researching.
      I am looking for the descendants of Edwin Woodsome born 6-12-1844 died
      7-15-1865 in Poland,Maine
      This would be in Androscoggin county. I am also looking for information
      on the Smith family
      William Smith born 1812 and died 1886 married Aphia Duran born 1830 died
      They had a daughter Mary Smith my gg grandmother born 3-6-1847 died
      10-25-1913 married Edwin WOodsome
      The other family is the Googins family of Cumberland county, falmouth.
      Emily Stevens married William Edwin
      Googins I dont have dates but there daughter was born 7-18-1859 Susan
      Jane Googins died 1926.

      Hope to hear from you.