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Want Ad - Friends around the world

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  • Janet
    Want Ad - Friends around the world - Looking for list with an International difference? You ve found it here! Check out, give us a click
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2003
      Want Ad - Friends around the world - Looking for list with an International difference?
      You've found it here!
      Check out, give us a click http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Globechatters/ ~ and join!
      No age restriction but best suited to over 18s.

      GLOBECHATTERS! If you like the idea of communicating with people from lands near and far, why not try this list?
      Find friends around the world, and share day to day events, lifestyles, it makes starting a new thread very easy. We are interested in having you join. We have our own computer help place, where those members with knowledge and expertise have agreed to help our members with their day to day computer problems.
      Our members welcome you, who ever you are and from where ever you may be.
      We *aim* to achieve a virtual global tolerance, and it can be found with people who live under different lifestyles, politics and religions, so it need not be a focus. Its where unfamiliarity causes an interest and acceptance; we seek it of all, to cause inquiring thought rather than the disagreement we find in our every day lives It is our policy that where we do not think alike we tolerate one another's views. Where there is disagreement, we settle off list: We must understand that there is no intention to offend.
      Membership is restricted for your quiet enjoyment on our list, away from unwanted intrusion. You are moderated until I feel you have become part of the list.
      All are welcome, and we know you will enjoy our mails, but we like you agree to communicate with us at least once a month to confirm your e-mail account is still active; you might find something of interest to make a comment about more often.
      Yahoo's rules apply to all of us and if you are friendly and communicative you will find that easy to observe, along with the usual every day courtesies.. We restrict access to Yahoos list features to those who are regular posters because of limited list space. English is the language that is used and profanity not tolerated. We don't allow announcements and spamming is not tolerated.
      Attachments are not accepted on this list, and plain text receipt and sending requested.
      Come on over and join us.

      Janet ~ Listowner.

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