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10422Gay Talk, frank discussion for gay & questioning men of all ages

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  • Farscape
    Jan 19, 2014
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      Announcing a gay men's frank discussion group where virtually nothing is

      (When you join, be certain to include your GENDER & AGE in the COMMENTS
      to join, otherwise you will not be approved.)

      Gay-Talk will permit much of the same topics as an older group of mine,
      Guy-Talk, however, gay & questioning guys are welcome to discuss things
      that they might not be comfortable discussing there, as well as things
      like gays in the news.

      I'm experimenting with a few things in this new group, incl. letting
      guys of any age join, and allowing attachments (photos) to msgs.,
      provided they are essentially rated G or PG.

      If you'd like to join the original Guy-Talk as well, it's at: