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  • Nicole
    Apr 10, 2013
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      Always TNT

      home of tricka Nicole tags. It is an always list with several taggers. - no
      requesting. It may consist of tags, alphas, comps, whatever the tagger
      decides to make. Tags will be mailed to group. No pickups at fotki. G-SAC
      Mail: Low - medium

      Help Wanted for Always TNT

      If you have an always list please join us. The more always lists the
      better. Please tell owners if you want to tag.

      Angel_Princess Variety


      Snag & share an assortment of goodies - PSP, programs, recipes, jokes,
      music, tags, etc.


      Angel_Princess Web Ads


      Members do not send their ads to group. What they do is send their ads
      to the owner (me) and I'll put them on the website. Every so often you are
      required to forward the web link to your groups. Only staff posts. Any ISP
      is allowed to join. Occasional header sets & tags may be offered for your
      groups. Low volume. All ratings


      Anything As Always


      Snag & share anything we can use to make a tag. Incredimail stats may also
      be shared. We have 2 taggers if you want to request. Chit chat encouraged.
      May be high volume. G-AC, EAC occasionally if ever

      Help Wanted for Anything As Always

      1) Daily Contributor (someone to send in PSP things and anything we can use
      to make a tag (may include but not limited to scrap kits, alphas, wallpaper
      or anything we can tube and make tags with, pictures to make alphas with)

      2) Taggers
      If you want to tag for us but NOT join the group (not get mail) please
      contact me at addicted2psp9@... for details. Tell me you're interested
      in being a "guest tagger"



      Request tags only. Anyone can send blank tags they want their name(s)
      added to, tags they want animated, or snagged alphas they want made into
      tags. No chit chat allowed. NOT a sharing group. Tags delivered via fotki,
      photobucket, or mailed back to requester, not through group. G-SAC. Mail:
      Low - medium

      Help Wanted For AnythingAsAlways Request Group


      Need people to tag other people's blanks, put together snagged alphas,
      people who can animate, make their own creations. G-SAC

      If you want to tag for us but NOT join the group please contact me at
      addicted2psp9@... for details. Tell me you're interested in being a
      "guest tagger."




      Must be at least 18 because sometimes there's adult content. Not a
      Halloween group for children. Request tags (includes tubes, scrap kits be
      made into tags) & post anything related to Halloween, Goth, paranormal,
      and/or the dark side any time of year. May be high volume. Primarily a
      graphics group but other things such as jokes, recipes, etc. are welcome
      too. Incredimail is used by some but it's not a requirement. Chit chat
      encouraged. All ratings

      Help Wanted for Halloween_Rules


      Put names on snags or offer your own creations or both. Gothic, Halloween,
      or creepy theme preferred but any type of tag is welcome. Tube whatever
      needs to be tubed. May be high volume. All ratings


      Time To Advertise


      Just send your ads to group. May swap ads if you like. Adult ads are ok
      but please mark the subject line so people know to delete them if they
      wish. All ratings. Mail: Low - medium

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