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10415e-list Meeting Christian Servants

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  • Bonnie :-)
    Jan 12, 2013
      Wanted: Active members!!!
      We started out as a singles list but we are for all Christians to come join in fellowship.

      Subject: e-list Meeting Christian Servants

      Hi all,
      You are cordially invited to come join other Christians on this e-list.

      The yahoo groups page url is:


      Meeting Christian Servants is a fellowship group. We discuss a lot of different topics. We have a question of the day & share different fun things.
      We try to keep the conversation at 'coffee shop' level. So come tell us how you like your "coffee". lol

      The majority of the members ages are 35-55+. But any age is welcome.



      Please do not join the list just to pass along forwards from other lists.

      We'd really like to have members who like to participate & interact with other members on the group. So, please come & join in the chatter.

      Please return the pre-approval application to join. The links for joining Meeting Christian Servants are above..

      Got a list or page to advertise?

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