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10401Re-Announcing YMCANaked2 - Join us! (Adult men only)

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  • John
    Oct 24, 2011
      I'd like to re-announce the YMCA Naked 2 Yahoo Group at:

      YMCANaked2 is a forum dedicated to the the time when YMCA's and some other gyms were men-only, and thus many features at them allowed nudity - especially the pool!

      The group also exists to talk about Y's and other gyms with at least some nudity (even if only in the locker room and/or limited wet areas) today.

      The group was once created (back in '09) when the original YMCA Naked Yahoo Group deleted, and even though it reappeared some months later, the orig. group was never quite what it was, and according to reports, the orig. group owner died sometime ago, and the group was somewhat recently re-deleted.

      I hope you'll join us!