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FW: AOL News Elections Blog "Have Bush and Cheney Committed War Crimes?" interview with new NLG president

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    Have Bush and Cheney Committed War Crimes? The Stump AOL News Elections Blog Posted Oct 29th 2006 2:01PM by Michael O McCarthy Filed under: Iraq War, Key
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2006
      Have Bush and Cheney Committed War Crimes?
      The Stump
      AOL News Elections Blog
      Posted Oct 29th 2006 2:01PM by Michael O'McCarthy
      Filed under: Iraq War, Key Issues, President Bush


      On October 20, Professor Marjorie Cohn became president of the National
      Lawyers Guild. In an interview with me Sunday, the new president of the
      identified several instances in which she says President Bush has
      U.S. and international law. Here they are:

      1) Bush illegally invaded a sovereign nation under false pretenses and
      put laws in place to immunize himself and his high officials from war
      prosecutions. Even before Bush removed his hand from the Bible Laura
      held as
      Chief Justice William Rehnquist swore him in as President, Bush was
      to attack Iraq and change its regime.

      2) Bush ignored warnings of the 9/11 attacks, then used that tragedy as
      excuse to invade Iraq and push laws through a shell-shocked Congress too
      timid to stand up for our Constitution.

      3) Under the guise of fighting the terrorists, but undoubtedly aimed at
      those who criticize his policies, Bush inaugurated a secret program of
      warrantless spying on Americans that violates the Fourth Amendment and
      Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

      4) Bush's USA Patriot Act creates a crime of domestic terrorism that the
      government is using to target environmental rights activists.

      5) Bush illegally suspended the Geneva Conventions, ordered the summary
      execution of those he suspected of terrorist connections, and put
      in place that resulted in torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners in
      Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantánamo and the CIA's "black sites."

      6) Bush pushed the Military Commissions Act through Congress that
      unconstitutionally destroys habeas corpus rights for non-US citizens and
      waters down our obligations under the Geneva Conventions. It also allows
      Bush to classify both US and non-US citizens as "unlawful enemy
      and lock them up indefinitely.

      Cohn is a criminal defense attorney and teaches criminal law and human
      rights at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. She lectures on international
      human rights and U.S. foreign policy. She is a news and legal consultant
      CBS News, Court TV, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Air America Radio, NPR
      Pacifica Radio. Her book, "Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has
      Defied the Law," is to be published, spring 2007 by PoliPointPress.
      Professor Cohn is the U.S. representative to the executive committee of
      American Association of Jurists.

      Professor Cohn said, "The Guild was founded in 1937 as an alternative to
      American Bar Association which excluded people of color. The Guild's
      motto is that "human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than
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