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Fwd: [NMD Local] Where are the Minutemen?

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  • Leila Pine
    Whatever happened to the Minutemen? Here s a link to an article that attempts to explain it. Those of us who worked as ACLU legal observers videotaping their
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2013
      Whatever happened to the Minutemen?  Here's a link to an article that attempts to explain it. Those of us who worked as ACLU legal observers videotaping their actions at the Arizona-Mexican border back in 2005 and 2006, knew that despite their claims of tens of thousands of supporters huddled in camps in Douglas and Sierra Vista, AZ, we counted only 125 of them the first year and just 55 of them the following year, before they self-destructed.  Some of their followers were retired folks from the South, who were told that armed Mexicans and Communists were "reconquistas" trying to reclaim the lands that the U.S. stole from Mexico, and that they were called upon to defend their country.  When they saw for themselves that no such thing existed, we talked to a number of them who then packed up their guns and their RVs and drove back home, leaving only the racist and xenophobic extremists behind.

      See the interesting Alternet story below.


      The movement crumbled under the weight of the extremists it attracted, despite numerous warnings—not merely from its critics—that because of its agenda and its politics, it ran a nearly ineluctable risk of becoming a haven for violent racists.”


      How the Anti-Immigrant Minutemen Movement Attracted the Psychopaths That Led to Its Downfall

      By David Neiwert, AlterNet

      If ever there was a movement tailored to recruit and promote social deviants, it was the Minutemen. READ MORE»





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