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May Day, Balloons, Endorsers and Palermo

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  • Alex Gillis
    Please forward. My apologies for any duplication. **
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2013
      Please forward. My apologies for any duplication.
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      May Day March

      May 1st, Brittingham Park @ 11:30am

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      This Year we will have our own OFFICIAL BALLOON
       Candi, a Hospital Worker of 61 designed and fund raised money to have the official balloon printed.
      We will have 500 balloons with the message:
      International Workers Day
      Immigrant, Labor, Human RIGHTS NOW!. 

      She picked the color green that in Mexican Culture means Hope.
      Thank you candi! You are an example and inspiration for all of us!

      Este año vamos a tener nuestro globo OFICIAL de la Marcha.
      Candi, una trabajadora en un hospital de 61 años diseño y recaudo fondos para imprimir el  globo oficial.
      Tendremos 500 globos con el mensaje:
      Día Internacional de los Trabajadores
      Derechos de los Inmigrantes, Laborales y Humanos AHORA!

      Ella eligio el color verde que en la cultura mexicana significa esperanza.
      Gracias Candi! Eres un ejemplo e inspiracion para todos!

      Es la hora de la Reforma Inmigrantoria!

      Ven y unete a los esfuerzos por la reforma inmigratoria en Madison, Wisconsin

      Subscribete al Evento de FacebookMARCHA, Miercoles Primero de Mayo a las 11:30am en el Parque Brittingham

      The Time for Immigrant Reform is NOW!

      Come and Join the Efforts for Immigration Reform in Madison, Wisconsin!
      Join the FACEBOOK EVENT!MARCH Wednesday May 1st from Brittingham Park

      Click to Join the FB Event

      20+ Organizations and counting!

      IImmigrant Workers Union, Comite del Festival Mexicano (COFEMEX),Workers Rights Center,Family Farm Defenders,Madison Infoshop,Colombia Support Network,Wisconsin Network For Peace and Justice,International Socialist Organization (ISO),Student Labor Action Coalition (SLAC),Solidarity Sing Along,Workers United (Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board),South Central Federation of Labor,Madison Arcatao Sister City Project,AFSCME 1871,Peregrine Forum,Workers International Legue,Alianza Latina,Lakeside Press-printing coop,IWW-Madison GMB,Four Lakes Green Party of Dane County,Madison IWW GMB,Freedom, Inc.,Progressive Dane

      If your organization wants to endorse this event please send us an email to info@... or submit your information here http://uniondetrabajadores.org/endorsemayday2013

      Immigrant Workers Union proudly supports the fight and struggle of Palermo's Workers and their legitimate RIGHT to form a union!

      Monday, April 29, 2013  4:30pm
      Bascom Hall
      Madison, Wisconsin
      More information
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      Pease considert support our organizaition and efforts sending a check to 
      Union de Trabajadores Inmigrantes
      29 E. Wilson St #202
      Madison, Wisconsin 53703

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