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Fwd: Tenant Resource Center is Hiring!

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  • Brenda Konkel
    Resumes and coverletter due to office@tenantresourcecenter.org or 1202 Williamson St, Suite 102, Madison WI 53703 or fax 286-0804 by noon on the 23rd. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2013
    Resumes and coverletter due to office@... or 1202 Williamson St, Suite 102, Madison WI 53703 or fax 286-0804 by noon on the 23rd.  We prefer people to be bilingual in Spanish or Hmong or to know American Sign Language.

    Hello all~

    Tenant Resource Center is looking for a new Housing Resource Specialist!  And if you're the right person for the job or you know someone who is, please send the following attachments out to them!

    Please forward widely :)

    Thank you and good luck,

    Cristina Lor
    Office Manager

    Tenant Resource Center
    1202 Williamson Street, Suite 102
    Madison, WI 53703

    General Rental Questions: 608-257-0006
    Hmoob Housing Counseling: 608-257-0143
    Spanish Housing Counseling: 608-237-8913
    Business: 608-257-0143 | Fax: 608-286-0804
    Email: office@...
    Alternative: cristina.y.lor@...


    "Your silence will not protect you."
             -Audre Lorde

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