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  • Leila Pine
    This sounds exciting...Maria Hinojosa of PBS Frontline is one of the most talented and dedicated broadcast journalists in the U.S. today. Leila ... From: Maria
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      This sounds exciting...Maria Hinojosa of PBS Frontline is one of the most talented and dedicated broadcast journalists in the U.S. today.


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      Date: Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 1:29 PM
      Subject: Reporting from the New Mainstream
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      Dear Leila,


      This is our moment!


      The Latino vote was a critical lynchpin in the outcome of the 2012 presidential election as was the recognition of the power of the New Mainstream. The Futuro Media Group is at the center of Latino life and issues ­ and our work and mission covering the new mainstream is more vital today than ever before. As a journalist and producer, I have reported for 25 years on the changing demographics in our nation, and I recognize the historic moment we just witnessed in the recent elections. I founded The Futuro Media Group to work in the public interest and to give voice to the voiceless using the power of media to tell stories that are overlooked or underreported.


      I am reaching out to you now because we are at a crucial and transformative point in our development. With your help and support The Futuro will be able to drive critical reporting on the social and civic justice issues affecting America¹s diverse populations and bring them to the forefront of national consciousness on radio, television, digital and in communities across America.


      Please support our work with your tax deductible donation to The Futuro today!


      As an independent and authentic voice of the new mainstream, solidifying The Futuro¹s base of support while developing some of the most innovative public media programming on radio, television and the digital space is key to our effectiveness and impact. In 2013 our public television work, America By The Numbers is poised to become a full-fledged PBS series. And, on public radio, Latino USA is primed to expand to an hour. Together, these programs have the power to engender meaningful dialogue around the issues that impact the new America.


      The tide is turning and this is our moment to shine a bright and truthful light on the issues affecting the new mainstream in America. I am proud to share with you our end of year ³Reporting from the New Mainstream² which exemplifies our recent work and progress, and hope that you will consider making as generous a donation as you can to support our work. Together we can and will change the civic and social dialogue in America. Please join us by sending your gift today.


      To make a tax-deductible donation to The Futuro Media Group today, visit http://www.futuromediagroup.org/home/donate-now.


      Sinceramente y gracias,


      Maria Hinojosa                                                              

      Founder and President


      Our Fall 2012 Report from the New Mainstream is below. You can also click here to view, print, share, or download as a PDF.






      “The world in which you were born is just one model of reality.  Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you; they are unique manifestations of the human spirit.”

      --Wade Davis, anthropologist and ethnobotanist

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