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Re: [LaSup] Nuestro Mundo Relocation-Monday 04/30 @6PM

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  • Salvador Carranza
    Ananda, i will be there representing the Latino Education Council. It is important for everyone who supports quality, transformative public education to show
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2012

      i will be there representing the Latino Education Council.  It is important for everyone who supports quality, transformative public education to show up and support Nuestro Mundo.  It is critical that the Board once and for al understands that, even though Dual Immersion programs have a significant educational benefit for Engluish Language Learners, it is not per se a "Latino" program.  It is one of the Highest Impact pedagogical approaches for academic success for ALL students, regardless of language or background.  It is one of the few programs in the school district that has demonstrated exceptional success at eliminating the Achievement Gap when implemented faithfully and given the right resources to thrive. And this can only happen if they have Principals that know about Language Acquisition and how to implement DLI programs, Teachers with the knowledge, tools and resources to be able to implement them faithfully, an an adequate space and environment for all its students to learn.

         A new site for Nuestro Mundo has been vetted to death and it is equitable and necessary.  It is also a Win/Win for the District.  It will provide  an adequate environment and  very needed space for Nuestro Mundo to be able to continue its success and will reduce overcrowding both at Frank Allis and in the rest of the East Side.  So I urge everyone in our Madison community who is truly committed to quality Public education  for ALL our kids, to try your best to come to the Board meeting tonight.  

      Thank you,

      Sal Carranza
      Latino Education Council

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      On Apr 29, 2012, at 21:43, Ananda Mirilli <ananda.mirilli@...> wrote:


      It has been two years of wait and anticipation. Nuestro Mundo Community School, the first dual language in Madison, is asking for your support.

      This past year the school reached overcapacity, and several committees were formed to study, discuss and plan a resolution. Last October over thirty parents and their children attended a Board of Education meeting to speak about the consequences of the overcrowding.

      -     1st Lunch being served at 10:45 and last one at 1:20 PM

      -     Bullying has increased

      -     Crowding on the buses

      -     Double classes (30 students sharing the same classroom)


      On Monday, April 30th, the Madison Board of Education will decide whether Nuestro Mundo Community School can move next Fall to a new location: the Maywood school building in Monona. 


      We need parents, teachers and community members to attend this meeting to show support for this move.  This move is part of a comprehensive plan to address overcrowding at Nuestro Mundo, Allis, Kennedy and other east side schools.


      It is very important that you attend this meeting. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEAK. We want to show our community's strong interest and support for this move by filling the auditorium


      Here are the details:


      Madison Board of Education meeting

      Monday, April 30th - 6 p.m.

      Doyle Administration Building - Auditorium

      545 W. Dayton Street, Madison




      Ananda Mirilli
      “Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.”
        \ Paramahansa Yogananda

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