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Fwd: Debating Tucson School District’s Book Ban Af ter Suspension of Mexican American Studies Program Democracy Now! Daily Digest for 01/18/12

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  • Leila Pine
    FYI, the first transcript below, read in full, will give you a good idea of what we re up against in Arizona. The teachers in Tucson are now prohibited from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2012
      FYI, the first transcript below, read in full, will give you a good idea of what we're up against in Arizona.  The teachers in Tucson are now prohibited from using a long list of books, including seven books mentioned in a court decision, concerning Mexican-American studies, by a state politician who stated in a TV campaign ad that if elected, he would stop La Raza.    

      Studies have shown that over the 10 years that the Mexican-American Studies class was taught in the Tucson Public School District, there has been a significant improvement in closing the achievement gap for Latino students in Tucson and in the number of Latino students going on to college. The transcript of the interview below is reminiscent of the McCarthy era. 


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      Democracy Now! Daily News Digest
      January 18, 2012

      Debating Tucson School District’s Book Ban After Suspension of Mexican American Studies Program

      Public school officials in Tucson, Arizona, have released a list of seven banned books that can no longer be used in classrooms following their suspension of the district’s acclaimed Mexican American Studies program. Last year, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal ruled the program violated a new state law, saying it "promote[s] resentment toward a race or class of people." We host a debate between Huppenthal and Richard Martinez, the attorney representing teachers and students trying to save the Mexican American Studies program. Watch/Listen/Read

      "The Operators": Michael Hastings on the Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan

      We speak with reporter Michael Hastings about the "disastrous past year" in Afghanistan and the mentality a decade of war has bred there. His new book, The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan, originated with his 2010 Rolling Stone article, "The Runaway General," about Gen. Stanley McChrystal, then commander of the war in Afghanistan, and his inner circle. McChrystal was fired after the article was published. Watch/Listen/Read

      Expansion of Indefinite Detention under NDAA Compounds Extradition Fears of WikiLeaks’ Assange

      Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was with WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange when the pretrial military hearing for accused Army whistleblower Private Bradley Manning was taking place in Fort Meade, Maryland, last month. Hastings says the military’s case against Manning, coupled with President Obama’s recent authorization of a measure expanding indefinite detention anywhere in the world in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), has added further urgency to Assange’s effort to avoid extradition from Britain. Watch/Listen/Read

      Today's Headlines

      • Websites Stage Historic Strike Against Anti-Piracy Laws
      • Romney Claims Tax Rate of 15%; $360K in Speaking Fees "Not Very Much"
      • Hundreds Protest in D.C. for "Occupy Congress"
      • Obama Jobs Council Calls for Lower Corporate Taxes, Increased Domestic Energy
      • Wisconsin Governor Recall Petition Gathers Over 1 Million Signatures
      • U.S., Russia Debate Syria Measure at Security Council
      • Judge Who Targeted Pinochet Stands Trial in Spain
      • Iraq War Vet Arrested in Murders of 4 Homeless Men
      • Obama to Accept Democratic Nomination at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte
      • Delaware Commutes Death Sentence to Life in Prison

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