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FW: A New Path for Advancing Workplace Diversity in Greater Madison

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  • Kaleem Caire
    FYI. See attachment as well. From: Kaleem Caire, Urban League of Greater Madison [mailto:ulgm@ulgm.ccsend.com] On Behalf Of Kaleem Caire, Urban League of
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    FYI. See attachment as well.


    From: Kaleem Caire, Urban League of Greater Madison [mailto:ulgm@...] On Behalf Of Kaleem Caire, Urban League of Greater Madison
    Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 4:27 PM
    To: Ashley Brown
    Subject: A New Path for Advancing Workplace Diversity in Greater Madison


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    A New Path for Growing Workforce Diversity

    in Greater Madison, Wisconsin


    Kaleem Headshot

    Kaleem Caire, President/CEO

    May 31, 2011



    Dear Friends & Colleagues,


    On Monday, June 6, 2011 from 8:00am - 1:30pm CST at the Monona Terrace & Convention Center, we will host our first annual Workplace Diversity & Leadership Summit and Awards Luncheon


    Joining us will be CEOs and other lead executives, HR professionals, recruitment specialists, small business owners and operators, nonprofit and government agency leaders, and other professionals who share an interest in expanding diversity in their workplaces and strengthening the culture of their workplace.


    Attendees will participate in panel discussions with local leaders and learn from two outstanding leaders in the field of workplace diversity: Renae Murphy, Diversity & Workplace Fairness Executive with Coca-Cola North America, ranked 12th on Diversity Inc.'s 2010 Top 50 Companies for Diversity and Maria Campbell, Director of Diversity with SC Johnson, ranked 33rd. Both leaders will discuss their companies' diversity strategies, discuss their experiences in the field, and engage in questions/answers with attendees. We will also present Workplace Diversity Awards to one small and one large business, and the Young Professional of the Year Award.

    Mark Richardson Headshot 2 - small

    Mark Richardson, VP of Economic & Workforce Development 


    This year's Summit will highlight a New Path for Workplace Diversity, one defined by a network of experiences that prepare and propel employees down the path towards career success. 


    Traditionally, workplace diversity programs have focused on ensuring that businesses and organizations recruit, retain and advance representative numbers of men and women from different racial and ethnic groups. They generally include training for managers to ensure they are "sensitive" to differences that diverse employees bring into the workplace. These strategies are important, but we believe successful diversity programs must be driven by other factors as well.


    For example, which company would you rather work for: a company that celebrates your cultural heritage once a year or a company that does that and ensures your recruiter connects with you personally and that a mentor is available to you shortly after your start date to help you transition into and grow with the business and the community? 


    Would you stay with your employer because they gave you awards and recognition during your department staff meetings, or would you stay because the recognition you received came in the form of a promotion, leadership training or compensation? Would you stay if you had the nice corner office or would you stay because your employer got you involved in the community through service on boards, committees and networking events, and provide financial and/or in-kind support to the community or activities that you care about? Would you prefer to work for an employer whose managers had diversity hiring, retention and promotion as part of their annual performance review and bonus structures, or not? 


    To achieve our aim of Greater Madison becoming the Best place in the Midwest for everyone to work, it is imperative that local employers understand and network with one another about ways to attract quality, diverse employees to the Greater Madison area and invest in the talent we have here in our area. 


    The conversation will begin next Monday, June 6. You still have time to register by clicking here.


    We look forward to seeing you there.


    Best in the Midwest!


    Kaleem Caire

    President & CEO


    Mark Richardson

    Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development

    Urban League of Greater Madison

    Phone: 608-729-1200

    Fax: 608-729-1205


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    Our Mission 


    The mission of the Urban League of Greater Madison is to eliminate social and economic barriers for African Americans, other people of color and the economically disadvantaged in Dane County by transforming our community into a place of opportunity, personal and professional growth, prosperity and success for everyone.



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