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CU Meeting 5/9/ - Noon (Guest Speaker - Dan Nerad)

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  • Daniel Guerra Jr.
    Hi All - I wanted to take a second to remind you about the next CU Meeting which will be on May 9th noon from 11:50 - 1pm at St. Mary s Hospital. Lunch will be
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      Hi All - 

      I wanted to take a second to remind you about the next CU Meeting which will be on May 9th noon from 11:50 - 1pm at St. Mary's Hospital. Lunch will be provided. CU will host MMSD School Superintendent Dan Nerad. The CU Executive Committee has asked Superintendent Nerad to address the four questions below. For this meeting we are asking that you register in advance. Please do so at: http://communitiesunitedmadison.com/2011/05/communities-united-general-meeting-may-2011/

      Questions for MMSD Dan Nerad:

      1.  What are the realistic budget needs for the upcoming year? What is the likely impact particularly on the low income and minority communities? 

      2. Communications with the public such as the Community Conversations are important, how do they go from meetings to implementation?

      3. How will the MMSD boundaries effect school populations with respect to diversity and poverty?

      4. How does the School Districts feel about the ongoing development of Charter Schools within the district and what are the impacts from all perspectives. 

      Additional Items:

      1. If you are interested in participating in developing "how to run for elected office within the City of Madison". Please let me (dguerrajr@...) know, we are working to put together a work group. 

      2. We should have an update about City of Madison redistricting within the next week.

      3. June - CU will be reviewing and inviting Department of Civil Rights Director, Lucia Nunez to talk about the representation of minorities on City of Madison Commissions, Committees and Boards as well as City of Madison employment. 

      4. July - We plan to discuss the CDA

      I realize this is a packed email, lots of stuff starting to happen. please let me know any input or thought you have. 


      Daniel G. Guerra Jr. 
      Argus Ventures, LLC | Argus Invent |  PO Box 910 |  Madison ,  WI  53701  
      Voice: 608-240-0524 | Skype: dguerrajr | email: dguerrajr@...
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