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Fwd: This Sunday, May 1: International Workers' Day Marches & Rallies

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  • Salvador Carranza
    International Workers Day/May Day Tomorrow throughout the nation and throughout the world the rights of workers will be celebrated and reaffirmed through
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2011
                                             International Workers Day/May Day

      Tomorrow throughout the nation and throughout the world the rights of workers will be celebrated and reaffirmed through peaceful marches and other community wide events.  it is important to remember the long history of struggles that workers have endured so that all of us, including workers in private industries, would be treated justly and with dignity.  

      Following is a short excerpt that I summarized from various sources.   I am sure most of you know many of these facts. 

      In general May Day can refer to various labour celebrations conducted on May 1 [1] It commemorates the fight for the eight hour day. May Day in this regard is called International Workers' Day, or Labor Day. The idea for a "workers holiday" began in Australia in 1856; after a Stonemason's victory, April 22nd was "Eight-Hour Day", a public holiday.[2][3]. With the idea having spread around the world, the choice of May 1st became a commemoration by the Second International for the people involved in the 1886 Haymarket affair.[4]

      The Haymarket affair occurred during the course of a three-day general strike in Chicago, Illinois, United States that involved common laborers, artisans, merchants, and yes, IMMIGRANTS [5]  Following an incident in which police opened fire and killed four strikers at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. plant, a rally was called for the following day at Haymarket Square. Towards the end of the rally, as police moved in to disperse the event and opened fire on the unarmed crowd on the plea that an unknown assailant threw a bomb into the crowd of police. The bomb and resulting police riot left at least a dozen people dead, including one policeman.[6] A sensational trial ensued in which eight defendants were openly tried for their political beliefs, and not necessarily for any involvement in the bombing.[7]The trial led to the eventual public hanging of four anarchists.[8] The Haymarket incident was a source of outrage from people around the globe. In the following years, memory of the "Haymarket martyrs" was remembered with various May Day job actions and demonstrations.[9].

      May Day has become an international celebration of the social and economic achievements of the labor movement. Although the commemoration of May Day as International Workers' Day received its inspiration from the United States, the U.S. Congress designated May 1 as Loyalty Day in 1958 due to the day's perceived appropriation by the Soviet Union.[10] People often use May Day as a day for political protest,  such as rallies in support of undocumented workers across the United States.[11][12].

        This year, as right wing State Governments have extended their attack from Immigrant workers, to all workers, it is important to recognize the long history of support, collaboration and brotherhood that Immigrants and the Labor movement have had in this country from the  beginning.  So I urge all of you to join one of the events being staged in our State, here in Madison or in Milwaukee tomorrow to reaffirm that the struggle for the rights  of workers and the rights of immigrants have always been and will always be one and the same.  

      Si Se Puede !!!!


      If you are interested you can read more in the following references and further down, news of all the other Rallies happening around the country.

      1) Anthony Aveni, "May Day: A Collision of Forces," The Book of the Year: A Brief History of Our Seasonal Holidays (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004), 79-89.
      2) Bliss, William Dwight Porter (1909). The new encyclopedia of social reform. 1. Funk & Wagnalls. pp. 77.
      3) Journeymen Stone Cutters' Association of North America (1922). The Stone cutters' journal (Journeymen Stone Cutters Association of North America) 37-39: 18.
      4) What Are the Origins of May Day?, Rosa Luxemburg, Sprawa Robotnicza, 1894
      5) Green, James (2007). "A Storm of Strikes". Death In the Haymarket: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America. Anchor. p. 163. ISBN 1400033225.
      6) Green, James (2007). "Prologue". Death In the Haymarket: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America. Anchor. p. 10. ISBN 1400033225.
      7)  Green, James (2007). "Every Man on the Jury Was an American". Death In the Haymarket: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America. Anchor. pp. 209–230. ISBN 1400033225.
      8)  Green, James (2007). "You Are Being Weighed in the Balance". Death In the Haymarket: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America. Anchor. p. 231. ISBN 1400033225.
      9)  Green, James (2007). "Prologue". Death In the Haymarket: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America. Anchor. p. 305. ISBN 1400033225.
      10)  Roots of May Day are in Chicago
      11) Business joins May Day reform cry in L.A.
      12) May Day is Rally Day in Seattle.

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      Subject: This Sunday, May 1:  International Workers' Day Marches & Rallies
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      International Workers' Day - May 1
      Marches & Rallies for Immigrant
      and Workers' Rights

      Legalization now!
      Stop deportations and attacks on workers!
      Jobs, peace and justice for all!

      On Sunday, May 1, tens of thousands of immigrants and working families of all backgrounds, community organizations, labor unions and many others will take to the streets across the country to demand legalization for all immigrants and to stop deportations and the attacks on workers.

      The ANSWER Coalition is supporting and helping to organize May 1 demonstrations taking place across the country.

      Los Angeles, Calif.
      10:00am: Gather at the Corner of Olympic & Broadway, Downtown
      Sponsored by May Day 2011 Los Angeles Coalition, which includes: Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition, MIWON, CHIRLA, KIWA, SEIU, LIUNA, AFL-CIO West, National Day Laborer Organizing Network, FIRM, UCLA Labor Center, COFEM, ANSWER Coalition, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, National Lawyers Guild, Islamic Circle of North America, CLUE, Students Fight Back (Pasadena CC, Cerritos, CSU Long Beach, CSU Fullerton, Los Angeles CC, Harbor College, Long Beach CC, Santa Monica College, Comites de Base del FMLN, Danza Azteca Cuauhtemoc, Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional, Frente Unido de Pueblos/United Front of the Peoples of the Americas, Bantay Pilipinas, AF3IRM (Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization), Committee to Save Casa Mexicana, Corazon del Pueblo, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Echo Park Community Coalition, Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, KmB Pro-People Youth, Ecumenical Fellowship for Justice and Peace, March Forward!, Communities United for Justice, Free Palestine Alliance, Students for Justice in Palestine, Estancia High School Peace Club, Coalición por la Paz y Democracia en Honduras, Frente Hondureño de Resistencia Popular, Inland Empire Rapid Response Network, Topanga Peace Alliance, Islamic Shura Council of Southern California and many others.
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: answerla@..., 213-251-1025

      San Francisco, Calif.
      11:30am: Assemble on 24th and Mission
      12:00noon: March to Civic Center
      1:00pm-3:00pm: Rally at Civic Center
      Sponsored by the May Day Coalition
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: answer@..., 415-821-6545

      Chicago, Ill.
      2:00pm: Gather at Union Park
      (Corners of Lake and Ashland)
      3:00pm: March to Pilsen
      Organized by the Chicago May Day Organizing Group. Endorsers include: Moratorium on Deportations Campaign, Biblioteca Popular, Committee Against the Militarization of our Youth (CAMi), Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice, AFSCME Local 2081, Teamsters Local 743, Labor Committee on Immigrant Worker Rights, ANSWER Chicago, Chicago Jobs with Justice, Immigrant Solidarity Dupage, Teachers for Social Justice-Chicago, Justice Mission, La Villita, Chicago Facebook Community, Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano, Red Migrante, The Chicago Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, The Coalition of Utah Progressives (CUP), International Socialist Organization, Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, Socialist Workers Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: answer@..., 773-463-0311

      New York City, N.Y.
      1:00pm: Rally at Foley Square
      *Meet up with ANSWER at 12:30pm at Worth and Centre (north end of Foley Square)
      Sponsored by the Alliance for Labor & Immigrant Rights & Jobs for All, a coalition of many unions, community and other organizations
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: nyc@..., 212-694-8720

      Baltimore, Md.
      3:00pm: Gather at McKeldin Square
      (SE corner of Light St. and E. Pratt St., by the flag pole nearby the Inner Harbor)
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: baltimore@..., 443-759-9968

      Boston, Mass.
      Boston: 12:00noon - Rally at the Rose Kennedy Greenway Park (across from the Haymarket T Station, in the corner of Cross and Hanover Sts.).
      After the rally, take the T to East Boston (see below for details).
      Organized by the Boston May Day Committee (Mass. Global Action, ANSWER Coalition, Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Party, July 26 Coalition, Tecschange, Latinos for Social Change) and endorsed by many organizations.
      East Boston: 2:00pm - March from Liberty Plaza in Central Square to Chelsea City Hall                            
      Everett: 2:00pm - March from Everett City Hall to Chelsea City Hall        
      Chelsea: 3:00pm-5:00pm - Rally at Chelsea City Hall
      Organized by the May 1 Coalition of Chelsea, East Boston, and Everett
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: boston@..., 857-334-5084

      New Haven, Conn.
      11:00am: Rally at City Hall
      The rally will be followed by a march through the city. The march will end back at the annual May Day Festival on the Green, which will feature political speakers, artists, musicians and information tables.
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: connecticut@..., 203-903-4480

      Syracuse, N.Y.
      Plymouth Church: 232. E. Onondaga St.
      Open house in celebration of International Workers' Day
      with music, refreshments, and workers' stories
      Organized by the Workers' Center of Central New York
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: syracuse@..., 315-491-6987

      Richmond, Va.
      Monroe Park (VCU Campus)

      3:00pm: Music and Gathering
      4:00pm: Rally and Speakers
      5:00pm: Parade
      6:00pm: Closing Ceremonies
      Organized by 2011 Richmond, Virginia May Day
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: dc@..., 202-265-1948

      Albuquerque, N.M.
      1:00pm: Starting from the Rosario Chapel (in front of De Vargas Mall)
      Ending in rally and lunch at De Vargas Park (Next to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church)
      Sponsored by  Somos' Worker's Committee
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: abq@..., 505-268-2488

      Austin, Texas
      4:00pm: Gather at the State Capitol (Congress and 11th)
      5:00pm: March to City Hall
      Volunteers needed! To get involved, contact: austin@..., 512-577-4749

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