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FW: Q&A Guide to Arizona's New Immigration Law

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  • Peter R. Munoz
    Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 19:39:26 -0400 From: wsefsaf@immcouncil.org To: prmunoz@hotmail.com Subject: Q&A Guide to Arizona s New Immigration Law For Immediate
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      Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 19:39:26 -0400
      From: wsefsaf@...
      To: prmunoz@...
      Subject: Q&A Guide to Arizona's New Immigration Law

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       For Immediate Release 
       Q&A Guide to Arizona's New Immigration Law
      What You Need to Know About The New Law and How It Can Impact Your State
      June 2, 2010

      Washington, D.C. - Tomorrow Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will meet with President Obama to discuss border security and Arizona's controversial new immigration law SB 1070. Barely a month after passage of  SB 1070, both opponents and proponents are attempting to assess the impact the new law may have on residents of Arizona-citizens and immigrants alike. At the same time, approximately 22 states (at last count) are considering similar legislation. Multiple lawsuits have been filed challenging the constitutionality of the law, opponents are mounting a boycott, and numerous polls show that a majority of the public both supports the Arizona law and comprehensive immigration reform. 
      The Immigration Policy Center has developed a Q&A Guide to Arizona's New Immigration Law. This guide provides key answers to basic questions about Arizona's law - from the substance of the law and myths surrounding it to the legal and fiscal implications. As other states contemplate similar legislation, knowing the answers to basic questions about Arizona's law will prove to be critically important in furthering the discussion.
      To view the guide in its entirety see:

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