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Fwd: [NativismWatch] Center for New Community Statement on Lou Dobbs' Resignation

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  • Sal Carranza
    From the center for New Community on Lou Dobbs leaving CNN. Sal Carranza ... From: Covering the nation s anti-immigrant movement.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2009
      From the center for New Community on Lou Dobbs leaving CNN.

      Sal Carranza

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      Center for New Community Statement on Lou Dobbs’ Resignation

      November 12, 2009

      Yesterday Lou Dobbs announced his departure from CNN effective immediately. His abrupt announcement comes amid mounting pressure from civil and human rights organizations concerned about Dobbs’ blatant use of hate speech.

      “Lou Dobbs’ departure is a long-overdue turning point for CNN,” said Rev. David Ostendorf, Executive Director of the Center for New Community, “Only now can the American public trust the network to fairly and accurately report the news.”

      The Center for New Community was proud to join the Drop Dobbs Campaign, which worked to inform advertisers about how their continued financial support of his show made them complicit in the hate speech he promoted.

      In 2005 Dobbs began broadcasting a false and vicious rumor: immigrants were spreading Leprosy in the United States. In 2006 he sourced a white supremacist group, Council for Conservative Citizens, on his program. Dobbs also advanced racially charged conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birth certificate. These rumors were invalidated by expert after expert, but Dobbs still stubbornly refused to retract his claims.

      The Center for New Community applauds its partners in the Drop Dobbs Campaign for their efforts to expose and counter Lou Dobbs. This is an opportunity for CNN to make good on its commitment to viewers as a trusted name in news.

      The Center for New Community is a national organization committed to building community, justice, and equality. The Center is grounded in many faith traditions, and builds community where the dignity and value of all humanity is manifest.


      Jill Garvey

      Director of Operations and Communications

      Center for New Community

      PO Box 479327

      Chicago IL 60647

      312.266.0319 ext 21





      Building Community, Justice, & Equality


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