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IMPORTANT: Section 8 rent increases meetings

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  • Brenda Konkel
    Lots of people are asking me what we are going to do about the rent increases of (in some cases) several hundred dollars for people who have Section 8 voucher
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2009
      Lots of people are asking me what we are going to do about the rent increases of (in some cases) several hundred dollars for people who have Section 8 voucher effective August 1.  The answer is "I don't know".  But that's not acceptable, so we're going to need to get some brains together and talk about how we can respond.  There is a meeting today and tomorrow where the CDA will be discussing the situation.  I am going to try to go Wednesday, won't make Thursday due to , but I would encourage anyone who is interested in the issue to go as well, especially on Thursday.  Even if you are just there listening, it would be good to be getting other people's perceptions and ideas of what the possibilities are.  Then, we will have a community meeting on Tuesday, at noon at the Social Justice Center (1202 Williamson St.) to talk about strategies to fix this. 

      My favorite strategy at the moment is using the Affordable Housing Trust Fund . . . if they can bend the rules to try to use the money for a road, they can certainly use it to help with payments to help very low and low income people on Section 8!!

      Here's the meeting info (sorry, I was lazy and just pulled some of the info off my blog).  And please let me know if there is any other community organizing going on around this issue!!  Well, that, and there is nothing wrong with starting an on-line discussion.  Throw your ideas out there if you have them!

      Wednesday, July 8, 2009

      - Revising the payment standard.
      I wonder how many people even understand what that means?  You can kind of get it from the resolution. Or the letters sent to tenants and landlords, but essentially, people who get housing assistance from the CDA (Section 8) will now be getting less money to pay their rent.  Details of how much per person are not really available because it changes person by person based on several variables, but needless to say, tough economic times just got tougher for those who were already struggling.
      Thursday, July 9, 2009

      - Lakepoint Condos, Truax (they got their tax credits and explain how this will not be like Allied Drive), Allied Drive Update, Truman Olson (doesn't look like any new info or written updates), Villager Mall (some are getting leases, others haven't gotten theirs yet), Burr Oaks Senior Housing discussion (no materials)
      - Raising the payment standard (see above).

      Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
      Noon, Social Justice Center Conference Room, 1202 Williamson St. - Community Meeting to discuss community strategies to deal with fall out from the funding shortage.  Everyone welcome!  Bring your ideas.

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