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Fw: [rwg] Re: New Report from ACLU and RWG Finds Racial Profiling Still Pervasive

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  • Salvador Carranza
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      Subject: [rwg] Re: New Report from ACLU and RWG Finds Racial Profiling Still Pervasive
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      Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 11:09 AM

         It becomes more difficult to go outside. You know that your scarf is going to make you visible and that one of the things you dread most is being held at a traffic light next to a squad car. The best thing that can happen is that you will be followed while you are "checked out" and then left alone, the worst thing is to be stopped and questioned. Few can hardly imagine what it is like to live "discriminated." Our fears go beyond theoretical or political, those words seem to simplify the issues. Profiling of foreigners and those who look foreign are "immediate." It is a simply impression of an overwhelming problem. I am more fortunate than most others who must face these situations because I am American, born and bred. When I am approached by an "officer of the law" I can open my window, raise my eyebrows and then nod to the person next to me, as if to say, "Where here it is! You know why we have been stopped, don't you?"
         The statistics on racial and religious profiling, severe reports and ominous prescriptions do not come close to having "that feeling" when stopped. These are not skeletal objects being harassed, these are human being. The social decimation of these human being is horrific and such acts are not synonymous with "democracy." After a history of overcoming racial bigotry, one must conclude that we have not overcome much. It many way profiling and other forms of racism is harder now. A few decades ago, the clear enemy wore a hood. Go towards Alamance County and he wearing a uniform, he has a gun and he can detain you without cause. The people being detained and help would be first to acknowledge that America's gift are being lost to bigotry, blind justice and the damage done by knowing that the are being treated a certain way because of the ethic group they seemingly appear to belong to. How could they ever have a feeling of belonging to America, most of their children have this birthright. Yet we remain so distant for offering the parents the same opportunity this country has built a reputation on.
         Every year this country reviews the Martin luther King's 'I Have a dream Speech." what has that achieved? We have people being hauled into holding jails, who have harmed no one at all in detention centers. There are common factors, race and or religion and the color of skin.  it like a terrible joke on history. I imagine that most of these people are tired of "the dream." They are too concerned about real life.
         It may be accurate to note that some of the choices and priorities made by Congress
      seem odd and misguided, and so are the moral irregularities. It accepts what benefits this country's interest in the form of cheap labor and then damages the abiltiy to maintain this labor force. In very few cases, in discussing the immiseration of this country, does Congress openly address the central fact, the basic evil of this country's horrible inequalities. One searches to understand why a society that claims to be so open and generous, would leave people within it mist to suffer so many injustices. Is it an American anomaly? Would'nt it be the natural behavior of  our representatives come up with a fair and humane solution if it truly values decency in so many other areas of life? Is fainess now viewed as slightly tiresome when it comes to poor people of color? What do our law makers believe about equality?
         The people who work in factories, sewat in fields and make less than what they should are here in America. They are Americans! Why do we put them in a position of a supplicant and reduce them to begging for human rights. it appears the roots of racism has sprouted again, with a vengeance, and overgrown the memory of Martin Luther King, Ceasar Chavez and countless others who sought to make justice something beyond any man's grasp.

      Director, MAS-Freedom , NC 
      MAS Freedom (MASF) is a civic and human rights advocacy entity and
      sister organization of the Muslim American Society (MAS), 55 chapters/ 35 states. 

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