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¡Not One More Dollar of Our Taxes to SHERIFF Mahoney!

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  • Alex Gillis
    *¡Not One More Dollar of Our Taxes to SHERIFF MAHONEY! ¡More Money for Social Services to Help Workers Families! WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE* *DANE COUNTY
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2008

      ¡Not One More Dollar of Our Taxes to SHERIFF MAHONEY!

      ¡More Money for Social Services to Help Workers' Families!




      Dave Mahoney, sheriff of Dane county notifies Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) of every immigrant who is booked into the jail, including those who are just awaiting trial or spending the night without charges!!!

      He claims that he is doing this so that he can identify inmates.  But he reports everybody that is not citizen, whether or not they have proof of identification! And he already admitted that ICE does not return any information back to him.


      U.S. immigration law does not consider traffic offenses and similar crimes to be grounds for automatic deportation.

      Sheriff Mahoney is making his own law, based on his own ideology rather than the Immigration, Naturalization and Asylum Act legal frame work (see INA Article 287g(section 10).  What is even worse, The Dane County Board and Madison City Council already passd Resolutions that explicitly instructs all employs NOT to inform ICE of undocumented workers they have contact with.  Neither the Madison nor the Milwaukee police departments share this information with ICE. Sherif Mahoney once again playing solo i his own quest against immigrant families.

      ICE now deports between 5 and 30 immigrants from Dane County every month, many for minor offenses including driving without a license (a common offense now, since beginning in April 2007 undocumented workers cannot get a Wisconsin driver license).



      ·        Broken Families

      ·        Distrust in the Police & Court System

      ·        More Deportations

      ·        More Fear, More Stress


      Ask for Justice

      Monday, November 17th



      From 6:30 PM

      Final considerations for 2009 Dane County Budget

      Come and ask County Supervisors to put an end to the persecution of our families:

      ¡Not One More Dollar of Our Taxes to SHERIFF MAHONEY!

      ¡More Money for Social Services to Help Workers' Families!


      ¡It's our Money, it's our right!

      With every purchase that we make, even simply going to the movies, we pay 5.5% in sales taxes; and 0.5% of each purchase goes directly to fund the Dane County Budget.  It is with that money that Sheriff Mahoney is funding his personal war against our families.  The sheriff's office is asking for 3 new deputies in the 2009 Budget. It is time to exercise our rights as workers and as tax payers.


      ¡Not One Dollar for Repression, Not with Our Money!


      For more information contact IWU (Immigrant Workers Union).

      Tuesdays and Thursdays – 5 pm to 9 pm @  29 E. Wilson St.  #202

      info@... ~ tel. 1-866-4760-uti (884)


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