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FW: [Nativismwatch] Anti-Immigrant Attacks Slip Under the Radar

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  • Leila Pine
    Anti-Immigrant Attacks Slip Under the Radar November 10, 2008 By Eric
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      Anti-Immigrant Attacks Slip Under the Radar

      November 10, 2008

      By Eric Ward






      From urban cities to rural communities to suburban sprawl, Americans now find themselves at the crossroads of a contentious, often appalling, national debate centered on forced economic migration.   Underneath this raging battle that divides communities, neighbors, friends and families a simple fact remains—forced economic migration, more popularly known as “undocumented immigration”, has become its own vocabulary, a way to talk about race, in a society in which race has often been a conversation coded in meaningless terms such as “reverse discrimination,” “dual loyalists,” “illegal alien” and “playing the race card.”


      In the midst of this debate, opportunistic white nationalist organizations operating under the guise of “immigration reform” have fueled some of the worst aspects of this conversation.  They’ve done this by attacking local communities in an attempt to deny the basic dignity of community members regardless of their immigration status.


      While many of us are aware of the political battles over immigration that are taking place at the state and federal levels, the majority of skirmishes are happening at the local level.  Anti-Immigrant organizations have specifically taken the battle to the grassroots in an attempt to stay below the radar of national immigrant, civil rights, labor and religious organizations that have been successful at defeating many of their most punitive measures. 


      Continue article at http://imagine2050.newcomm.org/2008/11/10/anti-immigrant-attacks-slip-under-the-radar/


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