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FW: Community Car Hybrid Now Available on S. Park!

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  • Kent Craig
    Please pass the word that there will be a Community Car information session tonight from 6-7pm at Centro Hispano. More information below. Kent Craig Deputy
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2007

      Please pass the word that there will be a Community Car information session tonight from 6-7pm at Centro Hispano.  More information below. 

      Kent Craig

      Deputy Director-Centro Hispano



      Hello Friends,


      We are pleased to announce that the Madison Community Foundation (www.madisoncommunityfoundation.org) has awarded Centro Hispano (www.chdc.us) a grant to bring Community Car (www.communitycar.com) car sharing service to the neighbors of South Park Street . Thanks to the Madison Community Foundation, a new Community Car Prius hybrid is now available at the Copps Food Center on South Park Street (near Olin Ave. )


      To learn more about Community Car and the new S. Park Street hybrid, join us for a brief information session. If you sign up for membership at this event you’ll receive a special $45 Introductory Offer! You have to attend the event to receive the special offer.

                  Thursday, Sept. 13

                  6 – 7pm

                  Centro Hispano of Dane County ( 810 W Badger Rd. )


      Community Car is Madison ’s car sharing organization which provides cars by the hour to people who bus, bike, walk, or carpool normally, but want a car on occasion. Cars are located in reserved parking spots and include hybrids, a pick-up truck, a mini van, and a Mini Cooper. Rates start at just $7.75 per hour and include EVERYTHING – even gas and full-coverage insurance.


      While the average American household spends over $7,000 per year on car expenses, most Community Car members save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year by sharing a car instead of owning one. Plus, by owning fewer vehicles and driving fuel-efficient hybrid cars, you’ll save our environment too.


      Members use Community Car for a variety of reasons:

      -          take kids to daycare or run multiple errands around town

      -          visit friends or family outside of the current bus routes in areas like DeForest, Sun Prairie, or Janesville

      -          take a weekend trip to Devil’s Lake or Milwaukee

      -          haul furniture or treasures found at St. Vinnie’s


      Community Car is easy to use. It’s sort of like a car rental but even more convenient! No paperwork and it’s available 24 hours a day.

      -          Join Community Car

      -          Reserve a car online or by phone

      -          Go to the reserved parking spot to pick up the car

      -          Access the keys out of a lock box at the parking spot

      -          Bring the car back at the end of your reservation

      -          Pay each month for the hours you drive


      Come to the Information Session or join now at www.communitycar.com or by calling (608) 204-0000. We look forward to your membership!



      The Community Car Team


      Community Car, LLC

      (608) 204-0000




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