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Support Linda Clifford - VOTE TUESDAY!

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  • Alfonso Zepeda-Capistran
    Karyn Rotker wrote: Friends - Turnout in Spring elections is often low - even with issues as important as the direction of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2007
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      Karyn Rotker <karynr1@...> wrote:
      Friends -
      Turnout in Spring elections is often low - even with issues as important as the direction of Wisconsin's Supreme Court. This isn't just an issue for lawyers - what the Court does affects many, many aspects of our lives, from education to the environment to the rights of average people to . . . well, you get the idea.
      Your vote can make a difference - so please do vote, and ask your friends and family to vote. (If you can't get to the polls Tuesday, you can vote absentee on Monday - just check with your city or village clerk).
      And please support Linda Clifford for Supreme Court. I compiled this and I am sending it out because I feel so strongly about her candidacy - but I'm this isn't just coming from me. Newspapers around the state have endorsed Linda Clfford. Here's some of what they have to say:
      "The justices of Wisconsin's Supreme Court don't sentence bad people to lengthy prison sentences. . . Their primary job is to ensure that the laws of Wisconsin are constitutional -- that the rights of all residents are protected and that policymakers and lower courts don't violate the fundamental law of the state and the nation. So those who aspire to the court must demonstrate two qualities: A keen intellect and sound judgment. Linda Clifford, an attorney from Madison . . . possesses an abundance of both. Her opponent, Annette Ziegler, comes up short."
      "One clear choice:  Judge Annette Ziegler has forfeited her claim after a well-documented trail of conflicts in Washington County. Linda Clifford offers intellect and solid experience."
      ". .  . if Ziegler's judicial experience is an indication of how she would serve on the state's highest court, that's experience we'd rather not have. Clifford is the better choice in the April 3 election to replace the retiring Justice Jon Wilcox. Though she hasn't served as a judge, Clifford has a broad range of legal experience, which includes private practice and government practice — she was once an assistant attorney general in Wisconsin. She has worked in a wide array of areas, including environmental, municipal, energy, telecommunications and immigration law. . . "
      "Clifford best choice for state high court . . .One of the intangibles is integrity, and this is where we feel Ziegler comes up short."
      "Clifford has not been a judge, but many Supreme Court justices never served on the bench before being elevated to the high court, including the current chief justice. We think Clifford’s breadth of experience will serve her well on the court, and we are concerned about the appearance of conflict of interest that Ziegler presents."
      " Poor judgment sinks Ziegler . . .her campaign is terribly flawed because of conflicts of interest in the past and her failure to come clean now and potentially in the future. Madison attorney Linda Clifford, who is sharp and disciplined, is the better choice."

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