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5496Latino Ed Council meeting! December 19th! Input for MMSD!

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  • Salvador Carranza
    Dec 4, 2013

      Shahanna Baldon, Director of Community Engagement for the Madison School District, and Blanca Cruz, Latino Community and Family Engagement Coordinator will be joining us to gather community input about one of the bigger tasks they have been given this year for MMSD's Strategic Framework. They know that the Latino Education Council is a great group to collaborate with on this high leverage strategy. For that reason, they are requesting time for a Presentation and opportunity to obtain feedback from our Latino Education Council members  about Family and Community Engagement Standards. So we are requesting your presence at this important meeting and I hope many of you can attend to offer your ideas, perspectives and expertise on how to better engage our Latino families and community as part of the MMSD Strategic Framework.

      Thank you and see you on the 19th!
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