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  • Salvador Carranza
    Dec 31, 2012
      Thank you Ben,

      I appreciatebthat your wife is willing to run, however, I am supporting Ananda Mirilli.  She has a strong track record in education, in particular with English Language Learners and minority kids.  She has been on the Board of Nuesto Mundo for many years and is chair of Postecondary Connections Committee of the Latino Education Council of Dane County.  And her passion for Social Justice as Coordinator with the YWCA makes her the kind of candidate we need for School Board in a District with over 50% students of color. I do appreciate your wife's willingness to run.  we need more citizens that like her and Ananda are willing to serve our community. But we are supporting Ananda for this seat. 

      I hope that your wife can participate in our forum. More details will be forthcoming. Thank you for your message and good luck. 


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      On Dec 30, 2012, at 20:13, "Ben Manski" <ben@...> wrote:

      Good evening LUChA ~

      You may have already heard the exciting news that Sarah Manski, my wife, is a candidate for the Madison Metropolitan School Board's District 5 seat. I'm writing to fill you in more about what is at stake in this election.

      Many of you have met or worked with Sarah Manski. Yet even if you have known her for many years, you may not know that her advocacy is rooted in her own struggles as a self-supporting high school student living on her own nearly 20 years ago. Sarah's teaching career and her advocacy for public education has been unflagging ever since.

      This will be an important election. For one thing, nearly 300,000 people live in District 5, since this election is at-large. For another, Sarah is determined to protect Madison's schools from the corporate education lobbyists.

      One of Sarah's opponents in this 3-way race is a supporter of using public tax dollars to fund private schools. She was recruited by the former head of a Bradley Foundation-funded group that promotes the corporate takeover of public education.

      In turn, Sarah was recruited to offer an alternative to this other candidate. After weeks of consideration, Sarah filed her declaration of candidacy on December 19th. She is circulating petitions to get on the ballot right now.

      A third candidate declared his candidacy a few days ago, on December 27th. He is a longtime blogger and activist on education policy.

      I am proud of Sarah for taking on this challenge. I know why other teachers, education activists, and students urged her to run. They know that Scott Walker has plans for Wisconsin's schools. Walker wants the power to get rid of local elected school boards and to appoint his cronies to run our schools.

      Sarah Manski not only can win this important race, she also is the person best prepared to take on the political and managerial challenges facing Madison's schools in the future.

      You can read more about Sarah down below, or by seeing her Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/sarahgracemanski

      If you would like to help Sarah with her campaign - especially by circulating petitions to get on the ballot - please send her an email at sarahmanski@...

      And if you'd like to make a donation, you can do so online at https://www.facebook.com/sarahgracemanski/app_18015191938 or by sending a check to Manski for Wisconsin, PO Box 260217, Madison, WI 53726-0217

        On Wisconsin,
        Ben Manski

      -- Why Sarah Manski is our best choice for the Madison Metropolitan School Board --

      Sarah Manski is a lifelong advocate for public education. She is an entrepreneur, Madison College instructor and labor activist. Her mother-in-law Kate taught at Madison West for many years and was a steward with the teachers union, MTI.

      Manski knows the challenges that disadvantaged youth face because seventeen years ago, as a student at Janesville Parker High School, she found herself living on her own, working nights, and a caretaker for her baby brother. Manski credits her teachers, coaches, and the Gifted and Talented program for supporting her in pursuing her high school and college educations. Sarah was a beneficiary of affirmative action, receiving a Fast Track full scholarship to UW-Madison as the first member of her family to attend a university. While at UW-Madison, Manski worked for the Early Autism Project, in afterschool tutoring, and at the Infant Learning Lab; she was also the leader of the Student Labor Action Coalition.

      Sarah Manski has built an unusual career that bridges the labor and environmental movements with the business world. She's worked for AFSCME as its International Campaign Coordinator, as well as for the National Labor Committee, Worker Independent News and EcoTalk Radio. In 2009 she founded the online green marketplace PosiPair.com, and in 2011 she organized the Wisconsin Positive Business Alliance to unite business owners against Scott Walker's attacks on the public sector. Manski has taught courses as a college instructor at Madison College, George Washington University, and UW-Madison, notably including the UW's PEOPLE program.

      Sarah Manski understands the serious nature of the current attack on public education and is committed to uniting Wisconsin schools in opposition to privatization and for a new public commitment to public education. She is a fellow with the Liberty Tree Foundation and its Democratizing Education Program. As a member of the Madison Metropolitan School Board, Manski will work with progressive business leaders to counter the pressure for private schools, vouchers, and education cuts. Instead, Manski proposes new interventions by the school district in the lives of the Madison area's most disadvantaged youth, particularly youth of color who are disproportionately disadvantaged. She also wants to strengthen the district's commitment to preparing students for careers in the new green economy.

      Sarah Manski both has a personal passion for our public schools and also is a proud Wisconsin progressive who knows that the fight for public education is central to the larger struggle for American democracy.


      Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 260217
      Madison, WI 53726-0217
      United States
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